How To Arrange A Church Wedding

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How To Arrange A Church Wedding
How To Arrange A Church Wedding
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A wedding is one of the most significant events in a person's life, one of the sacraments of the church. They are preparing for the wedding, they are waiting for it. A person transfers himself, his desires, aspirations into the hands of another person, swears before God in love, loyalty to his chosen one or chosen one. Husband and wife become spiritual support for each other.

How to arrange a church wedding
How to arrange a church wedding


Step 1

Consider your decision to get married in the church. After all, this is not only a beautiful and solemn moment, it is a decision taken for life. A marriage contracted according to church canons cannot be dissolved by oneself. Only a bishop can dissolve a marriage contracted in a church.

Step 2

Please note that you can get married not on the day of the official wedding in the registry office. Moreover, you can get married even after several years of life, when this step and this decision will be more balanced and conscious.

Step 3

Go to church, get permission for the engagement and wedding, choose a day, learn how to properly prepare for the wedding, how to go through the rite of communion: fasting, prayers, forgiveness. Ask your parents for blessings.

Step 4

Be sure to select witnesses. It is they who will hold the crowns over the heads of the newlyweds. Please note that witnesses must be baptized.

Step 5

Come on the day of the spiritual marriage to the beginning of the service. At the same time, starting from 24 hours of the night, you can neither eat nor drink anything. Before the wedding begins, the bride and groom confess and receive communion. Give the rings to the priest. Friends and relatives can attend the liturgy, or they can come to the church at the beginning of the ceremony.

Step 6

The bride must be wearing a white dress, but a blue or pink dress is also allowed. The length of the bride's dress should be such that it covers the knees. If the dress is sleeveless, wear long gloves. If a style with a rather deep neckline or open shoulders is chosen, then it is necessary to complement the outfit with a cape, scarf or long veil. The head must be covered with a veil or light veil. The groom must be wearing a black suit.

Step 7

Please note that the wedding ceremony lasts from forty minutes to one hour. If this is your wedding day, then calculate the time for which you will invite guests to a festive banquet.

Step 8

If you want to preserve the memory of the wedding, then find out in advance if it is possible to take photos and videos in the temple.

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