Eddie Redmayne: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Eddie Redmayne: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Eddie Redmayne: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Eddie Redmayne: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Eddie Redmayne: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Video: Eddie Redmayne. Family (his parents, siblings, ex-girlfriends, wife, daughter) 2023, September

Edward Redmayne is a successful British theater and film actor, whose name came to everyone's attention only in 2014. Among other things, the man is fluent in playing the piano and has a good singing voice. And as a student, he participated in numerous fashion shows.

Edward John David Redmayne (January 6, 1982)
Edward John David Redmayne (January 6, 1982)

Childhood and youth

Edward John David Redmayne was born on January 6, 1982 in London. Edward was born into a very wealthy family. A whole bank is subordinate to the father, while the mother owns a transport company. In addition, the boy's parents are prim people, which is typical for most Englishmen. By the way, Eddie is not the only child in the family. He has two brothers: an older one and a younger one.

Instead of running around the streets with other boys and kicking the air for days on end, little Eddie often attended performances at one of the local theaters. Parents tried to instill in boys a love of art so that in the future they would become educated and versatile personalities. Over time, Edward was so imbued with theatrical atmosphere that he seriously thought about the career of an actor. But then the boy was only 8 years old. As Redmayne himself later said, the impetus for such a desire was the seen Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Upon learning about the aspiration of the middle son, his parents sent him to the theater club in the city of High Wycombe, which is located 47 kilometers from London. There, at the age of 12, he played his first role in his life on the stage. And after 4 years he got a cameo role in the television series "The Ark of the Animals." But the teenager felt an inner discomfort playing the character he got. The rebellious youth spirit could not break out, and this very depressed the young man. He couldn't even get himself pierced or dyed acidic hair. The only thing the young actor decided on was to dye his hair with henna. However, while working on the show, the production team noticed Redmayne's strange and ever-changing hair color. A scandal erupted, after which Eddie was kicked out of the project. We can say that the TV debut came out blurry.


Nevertheless, at first, theater education was additional, since getting school was paramount and compulsory. At age 7, Edward went to private primary school, Colette Court. At the age of 13, he became a student at one of the most prestigious educational institutions in England, and indeed throughout the UK - Eton College. By the way, the cost of education here, in our time, is about 60 thousand dollars a year. However, if a person has a royal scholarship, then not a penny will be taken from him for studying at this college.

Eddie's classmate was none other than Prince William. In this case, the younger brother "got" Prince Harry, and the older one - David Cameron. As a college student, Edward attended the theater club. In 2002 he was invited to the famous Globus Theater, where he made his debut. True, the actor played the female role. However, he understood that this was part of the job. Later, he received the first award in his career, which was presented to him for his role in the production of "Goat or who is Sylvia?"

Despite considerable success, studying at Eton did not please the guy in the least. Then he entered college at the University of Cambridge, where he began to study art history.

Movie roles

The talent of the actor is noticed by many theater directors and, in the future, Redmayne constantly plays in performances that bring him many awards. In 2010, he received a Tony Award (tantamount to an Oscar).

But the actor was so immersed in the everyday life of the theater that he forgot about the opportunity to play in a movie. So, his first television work after a long break was the British TV series Doctors, where he got the role of a minor character in one of the episodes.

Then there was a cameo role in the historical series "Elizabeth I". Over the years, Eddie Redmayne played in the background in films, where his partners were such mastodons of the acting craft as Helen Mirren, Robert De Niro, Julianne Murr, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchet, Angelina Jolie and many others. All this continued until the Oscar-winning project "Stephen Hawking's Universe" appeared in his life. This film brought the actor worldwide fame and many awards: Golden Globe, BAFTA and, of course, Oscar. From that moment, millions of fans around the world became interested in his biography.

Filmography of Edward Redmayne has about 30 television and film works. And he continues to be in demand in his profession. That only is his participation in the movie saga "Fantastic Beasts", the end of which is scheduled for at least 2024.

Personal life

Since Redmayne is a very popular film actor all over the world, his personal life could in no way escape from inquisitive fans and journalists. In 2014, Hannah Backshave became the wife of this handsome man. Soon the couple had two children: a daughter and a son.

It is worth noting that he met his future wife at Eton College, however, then they were not up to a relationship, and their mutual friendship did not grow into something more. And 10 years later, fate brought them together again - it was a charity evening. After that, Eddie did not let go of Hannah even a step.