Zhanna Vladimirovna Bichevskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Zhanna Vladimirovna Bichevskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Zhanna Vladimirovna Bichevskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Many artists fight for the love of their viewers. What methods are used for this. They make scandals to attract attention, they start fictitious relationships, and they record vulgar songs. But the singer Zhanna Bichevskaya was able to win her audience without any tricks. Folk songs and soulful romances helped her in this.

Zhanna Bichevskaya (born June 17, 1944)
Zhanna Bichevskaya (born June 17, 1944)

Childhood and youth

The talented singer was born in the capital on June 17, 1944. Her parents were very different people. She is a sophisticated ballerina, and he is an electrical engineer. Nevertheless, Lydia Kosheleva and Vladimir Bichevsky were happy. Jeanne was the only child in the family, and all the attention and love belonged to her.

Young Zhanna dreams of becoming a ballerina, like her mother, but fate decides otherwise. Jeanne gets a serious burn to her leg. When dreams of a ballerina's career were forgotten, Bichevskaya devotes herself to music.

After graduating from the evening music school, the future singer continues her education at the State School of Circus and Variety Arts. Alla Pugacheva, Gennady Khazanov and other famous artists are studying with her at this time. During her studies, Zhanna travels to nearby villages and collects local folk songs.

Musical career

The singer's professional career begins with working as a soloist in the Eddie Rosner Orchestra. And in 1971, the artist was invited to the collective VIA "Good fellows", where she sang for 2 years. In 1973, Zhanna Bichevskaya began working at the Mosconcert and became a laureate of the pop song competition. The singer's victories do not end there.

"Tenko" prize, victory at the competition in Pozvan, thousands of copies of records that are sold in 40 countries of the world, and the general love of the audience. All this was with the singer in the early 70s. But the singer considers her main merit to be the resurrection of many forgotten songs, which found a second life in her performance.

In the nineties, the famous singer changed her repertoire, folk songs were replaced by White Guard motives, and then religious ones. For religious songs, Jeanne received a written blessing from His Holiness the Patriarch himself.

In the 2000s, the singer changes her repertoire again. Now she sings songs by Andrey Makarevich, Alexander Vertinsky and Bulat Okudzhava. In the works of those years, one can trace the love for one's country and the rejection of imposed Western values.

During the "Russian Spring" 2014, Zhanna was not afraid to go to Sevastopol and give a concert. Only local authorities were able to stop her, who convinced the singer that this could be dangerous not only for her, but also for the audience.

For all the time, Zhanna Bichevskaya has not released a single official video, but fans, using editing, make them themselves.

Personal life

The singer met her other half relatively late, it happened in the mid-eighties. The wedding husband of Jeanne was the composer Gennady Ponomarev. Before meeting his future wife, Gennady sang in the church choir for more than 10 years.

The spouse supports his Jeanne in everything and is her main assistant, not only in life, but also on stage. She not only accompanies Bichevskaya at concerts, but also composes songs and accompanies her.

Over the years of their life together, the spouses did not have children, which is very upsetting for the fans. The singer herself tries not to talk about this with the press. Therefore, the reasons for childlessness are shrouded in mystery.

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