How Fish See

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How Fish See
How Fish See

Most fish have large and round eyes, but they are completely different from other animals. This raises the question of how well and how the fish are able to see.

How fish see
How fish see


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The vision of fish is designed in such a way that they can easily see colors and even distinguish shades. Nevertheless, they see a little differently, in contrast to the land abodes. When looking up, fish are able to see everything without distortion, but if you look to the side, directly or at an angle, the picture is distorted due to the environments of water and air.

Step 2

The maximum visibility for the inhabitants of the water element does not exceed 10–12 meters in clear water. Often, this distance is reduced even more due to the presence of plants, changes in the color of the water, increased turbidity, etc. Most clearly fish distinguish objects at a distance of up to 2 meters. Due to the peculiarity of the structure of the eyes, swimming up to the surface of the water, the fish begin to see objects, as if through a window.

Step 3

Predators living in clear waters - grayling, trout, asp, pike - are best able to see. Some species feeding on benthic organisms and plankton (bream, catfish, eel, pike perch, etc.) have special light-sensitive elements in the retina of the eye that can distinguish weak light rays. Due to this, they can see quite well in the dark.

Step 4

Being near the shore, the fish can hear the fisherman very well, but do not see him because of the refraction of the line of sight. This makes them vulnerable, so the presence of disguise plays an important role. Experienced fishermen advise not to wear bright clothes for fishing, but, on the contrary, to choose more protective colors as a disguise, which will merge with the general background. It is much less likely to spot a fisherman in shallow water than when fishing near the shore and in deeper places. Thus, when fishing, it is better to sit than to stand, and also not to make sudden movements. That is why spinning players who like to hunt from a boat are better off fishing (playing out the predator by casting the bait) while sitting, which is not only safe, but will also help to get a noticeably larger catch.