How To Achieve Selective Youth Activity

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How To Achieve Selective Youth Activity
How To Achieve Selective Youth Activity

Video: How To Achieve Selective Youth Activity

Video: How To Achieve Selective Youth Activity
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People of two age categories are usually most active in elections - the elderly and those who are going to vote for the first time. The first are accustomed to this procedure, the second is still interesting. Not every young man goes to vote next time. At the same time, slogans about civic duty, rights and obligations often have exactly the opposite result. Young voters are responding to less traditional forms of work.

How to achieve selective youth activity
How to achieve selective youth activity

It is necessary

  • - normative legal acts on issues related to elections;
  • - room for the club;
  • - a computer with the Internet;
  • - cell phone number.


Step 1

Create a legal literacy school. This can be done in universities and colleges. Invite the chairman of the territorial election commission there to talk about the rights and responsibilities of young voters. If there are young MPs in the local elected body, ask them to participate in the school. They can tell why they went to the elections, what problems they are going to solve through local self-government bodies. A special room for such a school is not required, it can be a university assembly hall, a library reading room, etc. Conduct classes not only on electoral law, but also on other issues.

Step 2

Organize a Young Voter Club. He can work in any large enough classroom of the educational institution. It can be created both in the reading room of the library and in the territorial election commission. Make an appointment with the owners of the premises. The club can be appropriately decorated by making stands on an elective theme. But you can get by with computer presentations. Sessions can be held in the form of discussions of literature on this topic, political debates, business games. Leaders of local branches of political parties can be invited to meetings, with a focus on those with youth branches.

Step 3

Play several business games not only with the members of the Young Voters Club, but also with everyone. This can even be done in schools by organizing elections to the school parliament or the High School Council. The participants in the game organize political parties, while not necessarily the same ones that exist in real life. Each party develops its own program. Choose by lot or form an electoral commission at will. Introduce participants to the rules of campaigning and voting. This game can last for several days.

Step 4

Start on a city forum or city local area network topics on suffrage. You can also make a page of the "Question - Answer" type, where users will ask questions of interest to them, and a legally competent person will answer them. A business game can also be organized online.

Step 5

Organize an SMS suffrage quiz. Come up with interesting and attractive prizes. You can ask the chairman of the territorial election commission or his deputy to formulate questions. They will also give the answer with which you will compare the answers of the participants. The same quiz can be organized at ISQ.

Step 6

Explain to young voters that they themselves can nominate candidates for local government and the legislature. They can gain knowledge of how to do this in the classroom at the school of legal knowledge and at the “Young Voter's Club”.

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