How To Join A Union

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How To Join A Union
How To Join A Union

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A primary or independent trade union is formed from among the workers of one enterprise. United independent organization - from among the leaders of the existing trade unions of various enterprises. You can become a member of one of the organizations by submitting a written application.

How to join a union
How to join a union

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Step 1

To become one of the leaders of the newly formed trade union organization, you must be elected at a general meeting of workers. But even the choice in the group of leaders is not decisive. At an elective meeting, a majority of the members of the meeting must vote for you. When joining a newly created organization, you do not need to submit an application. If you are already among the leaders, you will be elected as chairman, deputy or member of the audit committee.

Step 2

To join an already created primary or independent trade union, submit a written application, in the head of which indicate the name of the trade union, enterprise or institution on the basis of which it was created, your full name.

Step 3

In the middle of the sheet write "Application", then "Please accept me as a member of the primary or independent trade union." Sign your name, date, month and year of filling out the application.

Step 4

On the basis of your application, a general meeting will be held, at which minutes will be taken. The agenda may consider the admission of one or more new members to the trade union organization. If the majority voted “Yes”, you are considered accepted into the trade union organization.

Step 5

Next, submit another application to the accounting department of the enterprise. Ask for a 1% payroll deduction against union dues and the union account number to which the contributions will be made.

Step 6

Having become a member of a trade union organization, you are not only obliged to systematically pay membership fees in the amount of 1% of income, but also to take an active part in the life of the organization, attend general meetings, and vote when considering electoral issues. You may be entrusted with important tasks and negotiations with management when a delegation of trade union members puts forward demands to improve working conditions, increase wages or revise the internal legal acts of the enterprise.

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