How To Attach The Stripes

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How To Attach The Stripes
How To Attach The Stripes

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Having received the honorary right to wear stripes along with the next military rank, a soldier (corporal, sergeant, sergeant major) must know how these insignia can be attached to his shoulder straps. Indeed, among the military, every small detail of a uniform or ammunition plays a huge role. To break the unwritten laws of army fashion means to become the subject of numerous ridicule and witticisms.

How to attach the stripes
How to attach the stripes

It is necessary

  • - an awl or a large needle;
  • - a pencil or a piece of chalk with which you will mark the places for the holes on the chase.


Step 1

Choose the stripes that match your new rank and type of uniform. In the field, you should "get" insignia at the warehouse, in a large garrison you can visit the local military organization. For the field uniform, gray-green stripes merging with it are provided, for the front uniform - shiny golden ones. Do not forget that in the armed forces now widely accepted stripes "corner", and not the transverse stripes that adorned the shoulder straps of Soviet servicemen, and are now used only in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Step 2

Take the shoulder strap on which you need to attach the stripes (well, if it has not already been sewn to your form). Before making a hole in it, you need to figure out where the legs of the strips will fall. Therefore, first bend these legs so that they form a right angle with the stripes themselves, and then attach them to the shoulder strap, noting at which point each leg rests and marking these points with a pencil.

Step 3

Make holes in the chase using an awl or any other sharp tool. Try to keep the holes small and neat - in this case, they will not be noticeable, and the stripes will then hold tight. If you attach the stripes to a false "epaulet" of a field form, then you do not need to pierce it through - it is enough to make a hole in the upper part, which then remains above the actual shoulder strap.

Step 4

Insert the bast legs into the holes you made in pursuit. Make sure that the stripes sit tightly on the pursuit, and then bend the legs so that they take their original position (parallel to the surface of the shoulder strap). This completes the work on fastening the stripes on the shoulder straps, it remains only to attach the shoulder strap to the uniform (if it was not already sewn to it) and evaluate your appearance with new insignia and in a new military rank.

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