How To Find The Thief

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How To Find The Thief
How To Find The Thief

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Unfortunately, every day in Russia a huge number of robberies are committed, the victims of which can be anyone. What if you are the victim of a robbery or something is stolen from your apartment? Is it possible to find the thief on your own, or can you only contact the professionals?

How to find the thief
How to find the thief


Step 1

If you have been robbed on the street, for example, your money and your phone have been taken away, immediately contact the police. Law enforcement officials will announce the "Intercept" plan and it is very likely that the thief will be arrested in hot pursuit.

Step 2

If gold jewelry or other valuable items made of precious metals are stolen, go to city pawnshops and firms that buy scrap gold and silver. If you find your stolen thing there, do not try to prove something on your own, but immediately go to the ATC department. The police will check the suspicious point, return the missing item to you and be able to track down the robber. If you try to make a scandal and declare that the item has been stolen, you will still not achieve anything, and the criminals will understand that they are in danger and it will be almost impossible to find them.

Step 3

Report any serious theft to the police immediately. Most likely, this crime is not the first in your area, your statement will help the police understand the method of the robber and catch him.

Step 4

If the theft is committed, for example, at work and you do not want to interfere with the police in the affairs of the company, try to find a petty thief on your own. Organize observation, take a closer look at colleagues. People do not commit crimes within their environment from a good life - most likely, something serious happened to the person. Perhaps it will be possible to do without law enforcement agencies, and at the same time help the employee, instead of sending him to prison.

Step 5

If a cell phone is stolen, report it to the police and try to track down the robber. If he did not get rid of the SIM card right away, take a printout of the calls from the cellular company. So you can find out if the offender called from your phone, what numbers, and whether money was transferred from your account to another number. You can also try to locate the phone.

Step 6

If you are trying to conduct your investigation, notify the police of all your achievements. Don't try to play Sherlock Holmes - if you go on the trail of serious criminals, you could be in danger.

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