How To Find A Missing Person

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How To Find A Missing Person
How To Find A Missing Person

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What if a loved one is missing? The most important thing is not to lose heart. In about 70 cases out of 100, people return home safely. The main thing is to know where to go in case of loss of loved ones and what to do.

How to find a missing person
How to find a missing person


Step 1

Contact the Accident Registration Bureau. BRNS is an online militia unit. The necessary information from hospitals, morgues, reception centers, the State Traffic Inspectorate and the territorial OVD is received there around the clock. Obtaining information about the missing person, the Bureau staff compare his description with the existing database. The Bureau registers up to 30 calls daily. Help is provided free of charge. The search stops in 2 cases: if a missing person has been reported and if the person has been declared dead.

Step 2

Call 03. It is necessary to clarify whether the missing person was admitted to one of the city's hospitals. If the wanted person was conscious and said his name, then this information was necessarily registered with the ambulance service.

Step 3

Write a statement to the police. To do this, you need to contact the police department at your place of residence and leave a statement of loss, be sure to indicate your contact information in it. The application is accepted by the person on duty immediately, regardless of the duration of the missing person's absence. To speed up the search, it is necessary to provide as much detailed information as possible about the missing person. Indicate: special signs (scars, tattoos), external signs (what he was wearing), information about the teeth (absence, presence of crowns, etc.), information about the social circle and lifestyle.

Step 4

Use the services of private detective agencies. It may be worth contacting the agency immediately, without waiting for results from the police. In fact, they work through the same channels as the ATS. The only difference is that detectives are not constrained in funds (of course, the customer), have huge connections and are not burdened with the daily paperwork. Of course, the services of private detectives are not cheap, but the search efficiency is close to 70%. Searches do not drag out and rarely last longer than a year. As a rule, first, agency employees assess the situation: is it realistic to find a person. If your loved one disappeared more than a year ago, most likely the search does not start.

Step 5

Interview family and friends. Chat with relatives and friends of the missing person, find out the circumstances of the fateful day. Perhaps someone was by his side and could give you valuable information.

Step 6

Distribute missing announcements. Sometimes this method is quite effective. Post ads in places of the greatest traffic: in squares, bus stops, in the metro. In the ad, provide a detailed description of the wanted person and the circumstances of the disappearance, attach a photo and indicate a contact phone number. Perhaps one of the people passing by will recognize the missing person and inform you.

Step 7

Study the internet. There are all-Russian search sites, where information about people who are wanted by loved ones is constantly updated. Submit an ad with a detailed description. And, probably, the one you are looking for will contact you himself.

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