How To Find A Missing Person In Moscow

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How To Find A Missing Person In Moscow
How To Find A Missing Person In Moscow

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Moscow is a multi-million dollar city. The number of residents is growing every day. And it is very easy for a person, especially a newcomer, to get lost among a crowd of people. Especially if an accident happened to him, he lost his memory or was left without money and documents.

How to find a missing person in Moscow
How to find a missing person in Moscow


Step 1

If a visitor is lost who has no relatives in Moscow, you need to submit a wanted statement to the police station at your place of residence or in the area where he allegedly disappeared. In order to compile an orientation, give the police his photograph and describe the special signs. Tell us in great detail how the missing person was dressed and where he was last seen. Provide contact numbers by which you can be contacted. Write a statement and ask for a number to be assigned.

Step 2

Start an independent search. In Moscow, there is an "Accident Registration Bureau", where information about all incidents that happened over the past day and earlier is collected. Call there by phone +7 (495) 688-22-52. Describe to the dispatcher the signs of the missing person and provide the passport data. If there are similar people in the database, they will tell you about it.

Step 3

Call an ambulance by calling 03. Medical institutions maintain a general list of hospitalized people. If the missing person is in one of the city hospitals, the call-center operator will definitely inform you about this.

Step 4

If your searches did not bring any results, again contact the "Accident Registration Bureau". In the archive at 20 Schepkina Street, you will be provided with pictures of unidentified bodies. Be sure to take someone close to you with you. This is a very difficult procedure.

Step 5

Write to the program "Wait for me". This can be done using the portal In addition, there is a line where, by entering the last name and first name of the missing person, you will find out if he is looking for you and if he is not in the project database

Step 6

Find media outlets that post missing persons search ads for free. In Moscow, you will definitely be helped by the regional cable television and the editorial offices of regional newspapers.

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