How To Write A Description To The Police

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How To Write A Description To The Police
How To Write A Description To The Police

Video: How To Write A Description To The Police

Video: How To Write A Description To The Police
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The characteristic for a citizen provided by the employer to the police differs from the usual production characteristics. If in the production characteristics the main attention is paid to the business and performing qualities of a person and the emphasis is on his hard work and intellectual abilities, then when writing the characteristics provided to the police (police), attention is focused on the private properties of his character.

How to write a description to the police
How to write a description to the police


Step 1

A characteristic to the police, like any document requested by an external organization, write on the organization's letterhead - a standard A4 sheet of writing paper. The form must contain the name of the organization, its legal address, details and contact numbers.

Step 2

Headline the text by writing the word "Characteristic" in the middle of the sheet, in the first line of the heading. Further in the heading, indicate the last name, first name and patronymic of the employee, the position he holds.

Step 3

Start the text of the characteristic with information about how long this employee has been working in your organization. If he held various positions, indicate the period, and from what time to what time he worked in this or that position.

Step 4

Most often, such characteristics are provided for those employees who have had their driver's licenses withdrawn, which is considered a minor offense. Since your task is to convince the police that the rights necessary for continuing to work are returned to the employee, then focus on this characteristic on his positive qualities of responsibility, diligence, diligence and respect that he enjoys in the work collective. An official reading such a description should be fully convinced that the current situation is a minor misunderstanding and is completely atypical for this person.

Step 5

Even if it's not far from the truth, try to write objectively. Remember that you kind of vouch for the person and take responsibility for his behavior in the future. At the end of the text, indicate to which authority this characteristic is provided.

Step 6

The characteristic is signed by an authorized official. Indicate his position, leave a place for the signature and give it a transcript. After signing, affirm the signature with the company seal and date.