How To Write A Description For A Manager

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How To Write A Description For A Manager
How To Write A Description For A Manager

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Most often, managers make up the characteristics of their subordinates, however, there are also cases when you are required to write a description of your boss. How is it compiled? What items should it include? How to write an objective description of the leader so that later you do not spoil the relationship with him?

How to write a description for a manager
How to write a description for a manager


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So, the characteristic is an official document, which is confirmed by a signature and a seal. The characteristic can be presented to various authorities, therefore it is very important to correctly draw up it. The characteristic begins with the title part. First, you indicate the name of the document (Characteristics), and then specify who exactly this characteristic was compiled for. For example, CHARACTERISTIC

for the Head of the HR Department of CJSC Stroymontazh

Kurochkin Ivan Stanislavovich The main part is drawn up in the center, and it is necessary to indicate the position, name of the organization and the full name of the person for whom the characteristic is written.

Step 2

The next part of the leader's characteristics should include his personal data. It is necessary to indicate the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth of the chief. In addition, it is worth indicating from what time he has been in his current position in the organization. After the personal data comes the most important and voluminous part of the characteristic - the assessment of the manager's work activity. In this part, you should give a description of the work activity of your boss, and this assessment should be as objective and correct as possible. You can list what projects were carried out under the leadership of this person, what positive changes have occurred in the organization under his leadership.

Step 3

The next part of the characteristics of a leader includes an assessment of his business and personal qualities. The business qualities of a leader are manifested in his competence, professionalism and experience. You can give an assessment of how your boss copes with his leadership functions, how he plans the work of the team and monitors employees. Personal qualities include his psychological qualities, sociability, tolerance, the ability to find a common language with subordinates, and so on.

Step 4

At the end of the characterization, it is necessary to summarize - do you think that your boss has all the necessary qualities of a leader? How do other subordinates relate to his activities? Remember that offensive expressions and subjective assessments that are not supported by facts are not allowed in the testimonial. After completing the description, do not forget to indicate your last name, initials and position in this organization. The name is signed and stamped (if necessary). Typically, the characteristics are drawn up in two copies - one copy is served as intended, and the second remains in the archive of the organization.

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