How To Write A Letter To A Sponsor

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How To Write A Letter To A Sponsor
How To Write A Letter To A Sponsor

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A well-written letter to the sponsor is half the success of an event called "attracting patrons." In order for the person from whom you are expecting financial assistance to take your request seriously, you need to follow some rules when writing a letter.

How to write a letter to a sponsor
How to write a letter to a sponsor


Step 1

Before you start writing a letter for a sponsor, you need to do the necessary calculations. No self-respecting businessman will waste time reading a vague letter with vague wording. You must immediately clearly explain to a potential sponsor what you want from him, to what extent, in what form and in what time frame. Also, a prerequisite for successful negotiations is the availability of accurate calculations. In your letter, you must present all your calculations on the topic "how, where and in what quantities the allocated money will be spent." In addition, your chances of success will be greatly increased by the fact that you calculate the benefits that the person giving you money will receive from participating in your project. But when describing all your grandiose plans, you should not "spread your thoughts along the tree". For businessmen, as a rule, the day is too busy and scheduled. Therefore, no one will study 10 pages of your reflections. You need to write briefly, but fully, especially highlighting those places that a potential donor may be interested in. Of course, there shouldn't be any mistakes in your letter.

Step 2

There are only three templates for writing such a letter. And they all concern mainly text structuring. At the beginning, it is imperative to mention the program of the planned event, then you need to describe all the advertising and informational opportunities that you, as an organizer, have. And also it is necessary to describe the main goals of the project, especially drawing the attention of a potential sponsor to the possibility of attracting new clients in the direction of the patron's work.

Step 3

In the process of preparing for writing a sponsorship letter, it is imperative to find out the entire list of interests of a potential sponsor. Maybe your event will not be able to give him anything in terms of business, but it goes very well with his hobbies and hobbies. In addition, the collection of such detailed information will help you not to be trapped if suddenly a businessman asks you: "What will I have from this?" Plus, it will make you feel much more confident. By the way, if you yourself are not confident in your abilities to write a sponsorship letter, others will gladly do it for you. Firms that specialize in writing such letters ask for their services from 2,500 to 3,000 rubles.

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