The Film "Moth": Plot, Idea, Interesting Facts

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The Film "Moth": Plot, Idea, Interesting Facts
The Film "Moth": Plot, Idea, Interesting Facts

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The real story of a former prisoner, which formed the basis of an action-packed drama. Struggle, resistance, injustice of fate, fortitude - all this was combined in the film "Moth".

The film "Moth": plot, idea, interesting facts
The film "Moth": plot, idea, interesting facts

If you are looking for a film with a catchy plot, shocking historical background and exciting atmosphere, you should definitely pay attention to the crime biographical drama Moth.


The protagonist Henri Charrière, nicknamed the Moth, makes a living as a professional burglar in Paris. Determined to deceive one influential person in the underworld, he goes to prison for life on charges of murder, which he did not commit. Despite objections and protests, as well as an alibi, Anri ends up behind bars. Together with other prisoners, Moth is sent to French Guiana to hard labor.

Since it is unrealistic to survive in such cruel conditions, the convicts remain there forever. But Charrière knows from the first day of his imprisonment that he wants to get out of there. Unexpectedly for himself, Henri finds a comrade-in-arms, completely opposite in character and behavior: calm, quiet, fearful. Together with a new friend, Degas, convicted of financial fraud, begins to ponder an escape plan.

The idea of ​​the film

The leading idea of ​​"Moth" is a reflection of the thirst for freedom, the motive of freedom and independence. Every minute of the film is imbued with the idea of ​​freedom. We see her in the strength of the spirit of the main actor, in endless attempts to escape, in the desperate actions of the Moth and his friends, in their wild look, which keeps hope for the future for years.

The second component of the film's semantic load is the idea of ​​friendship. It would seem that they are two completely different people who, under other circumstances, would not have said a word, but fate decided to bring them together in a cruel reality and attempts to survive. We are witnessing the birth of strong friendship and its gradual development, which ultimately develops into devotion, sacrifice and dedication.

Interesting Facts

  • the film is based on real events. The true story of the cruel treatment of convicts in hard labor was described in his memoirs by a prisoner who managed to escape from Devil's Island;
  • in order to feel his role and convey the emotions of his character as sincerely as possible, the actor Charlie Hunnam (who played the main character) spent five whole days in a closed solitary cell in complete silence and without food;
  • Charlie Hunnam, to fully convey the physical exhaustion of his character, lost about twenty kilograms, following a starvation diet for three months;
  • The Guiana penal servitude depicted in the film has been revived based on photographs and documentaries. And for the final credits, they used real photographs from hard labor.

Enjoy your viewing and vivid impressions!

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