How To Keep Up With Everything

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How To Keep Up With Everything
How To Keep Up With Everything

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There are only 24 hours in a day, a third of which people spend in sleep. To have time to redo a lot of cases, there are only 16 hours left. How to properly dispose of them in order to do everything and have a little time to rest?

How to keep up with everything
How to keep up with everything

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Step 1

Write down all the upcoming tasks in a diary or on a piece of paper. Mark and deadline next to urgent tasks. Such a system will help you remember your responsibilities and allow them to be performed in order of importance.

Step 2

Distribute tasks by hour, day, or week. Think about the order in which it is most convenient to perform them. While at work in a distant area of ​​the city, try other tasks related to this place. Alternate between difficult and simple tasks to give yourself a chance to relax. Do not forget to take time and your rest, so that you have enough strength to do all the things.

Step 3

If you find it difficult to tune in to a difficult task, divide it into several stages. Take a short break between them, or reward yourself for your hard work.

Step 4

Do not be distracted by extraneous activities while you are doing your business. TV shows, series, social media, and talking on the phone invisibly take up a lot of time that you could usefully spend on your duties. Do non-essential activities during your rest break.

Step 5

Do some things automatically. Get into the habit of washing dishes after meals, removing unnecessary papers from the table, and taking out the trash on the way to work. This will help save time, you will spend less effort on their implementation, which means, make your life easier.

Step 6

Ask for help from loved ones or work colleagues. If you do not have time to do something, you do not have enough strength, do not try to cope with everything at once. Ask your husband to wash the dishes, transfer some of the work to employees with whom you have a good relationship.

Step 7

Eat right and get enough sleep. This will help you to be collected, will give you strength and energy. When you are asleep, you will spend more time doing your usual activities than when you are awake.

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