Cinema As Contemporary Art

Cinema As Contemporary Art
Cinema As Contemporary Art

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Cinematography is a full-fledged representative of contemporary art, and, unlike its other genres, is the most understandable to the mass audience. Despite this, cinema may well be called the youngest genre in art: it can hardly be counted at least a hundred years old.

Cinema as contemporary art
Cinema as contemporary art


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At the beginning of the 20th century, there were cases when people saw a steam locomotive on the screen of the first movie theater, which was driving directly towards them, they jumped up from their seats and scattered to the sides in terror. The modern viewer is so accustomed to cinema that he perceives 3D technologies, in which the action practically unfolds around himself, for granted.

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Some critics publicly declare that cinema has ceased to be art, as it has lost its semantic content and has become widespread. But is it? Cinema allows you to immerse the viewer in a completely unusual world, fantastic and unreal, to acutely feel any situation like no other art form. After a good movie, people feel confused, and especially impressionable people are impressed all day long. Someone cannot forget certain scenes from films for years. Art is what influences a person, sets his inner world in motion. Cinema does this in the best possible way, even if it sometimes sacrifices direct semantic interpretations.

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Nevertheless, it is absolutely impossible to say that modern cinema is devoid of meaning. In any era, in any form of art, there are both "passing" works that will be quickly forgotten, and exciting things that people will remember, centuries after their appearance. Who can say that Bruegel's paintings, painted hundreds of years ago, are outdated? You can almost be sure that if Bruegel lived today, he would have made a movie.

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The amazing thing about cinematography is that it covers a wide variety of audiences. If museums are visited by one rather small part of the population, theaters are another small part, and these groups often overlap, then almost everyone goes to the cinema. It is probably impossible to find people who do not watch a movie: if not in a cinema, then on a computer screen, if not on a computer, then on TV, but all people watch films. The secret of the success of movies is that they allow you to capture the viewer's attention completely, he perceives the characters of the heroes and applies them to his life, looks with interest at the visual series, gets under the influence of the mood of the film's soundtrack.

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Cinema is a product for a mass audience, but it is also created by a mass of people. The director has an idea, but what would it be worth without the services of a screenwriter? And the two of them, what could they have done without actors, film crew, make-up artists, costume designers and other useful people? Like many other products of contemporary art, motion pictures are made by the efforts of many people. It can be compared to performance - the most unusual genre that has not yet taken root everywhere, where the viewer participates in the creation of a work on an equal basis with the artist. Only in cinema, the director first selects a small group of viewers-co-authors for his idea, who help to implement it, and only then releases the resulting finished product to the public.

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