Where To Take Used Batteries

Where To Take Used Batteries
Where To Take Used Batteries

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Anyone who has ever used a battery has seen the crossed out dumpster mark. This means that they should never be disposed of with regular waste.

Where to take used batteries
Where to take used batteries

Batteries are hazardous waste and must be disposed of in a special manner. They contain heavy metals and carcinogenic substances, and only one finger-type battery can pollute up to 20 square meters. soil, which is equivalent to the habitat of several thousand earthworms and one hedgehog.

Meanwhile, few people bother to take used batteries to a specialized collection point; most of the batteries end up in an ordinary landfill, where they start to poison the environment. After the metal shell is destroyed, the contents of the battery seep into soil and groundwater and eventually enter water bodies. And if the battery ends up in an incinerator, the toxic materials it contains are deposited in the atmosphere.

The first battery recycling line in Russia was set up in Chelyabinsk at the Megapolisresurs plant - this is where volunteers and environmental organizations send collected batteries from all over Russia.

In big cities and surrounding areas, proper battery disposal is no longer as big of a problem as it used to be. Reception points are massively installed in most reputable hypermarkets of electronics and household appliances, in large shopping centers and stores. Environmental enterprises, such as the Moscow Resource Conservation Center, also collect hazardous waste.

Batteries, along with mercury lamps, can be attributed to some DES. Lists of DEZs accepting hazardous waste can be found on the Internet.

Increasingly, impromptu reception centers are being created at the initiative of residents in the entrances of apartment buildings. Installed boxes or containers are taken to authorized collection points as they fill.

To find the nearest collection point for batteries, ask friends and acquaintances if there are containers in local stores, or type your question into a search engine and search the Internet. You should search, including in social networks, in local eco-activist groups.

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