Who Is Not Taken Into The Army

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Who Is Not Taken Into The Army
Who Is Not Taken Into The Army

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Spring and autumn are exactly the time when young people are recruited into the army. But some of them fail to become recruits and enter the service.

Who is not taken into the army
Who is not taken into the army

Not every new recruit can become a defender of his homeland, even if he really wants to.

Health check is the main point when accepting new recruits

After a young man enters the ranks of conscripts upon reaching the full 18 years of age, he must undergo a medical commission. This is not a simple examination in a polyclinic, the commission is assembled from doctors who test various functions of the conscript's body and assess the level of his health as objectively as possible, because the most important thing is that the future soldier is healthy and able to serve. So the medical commission during the examination can prevent conscripts who have a number of diseases from going through military service.

In the bulk of the diseases that hinder service in the army, these are diseases associated with the respiratory, genitourinary nervous, muscular system, with the digestive tract or flat feet.

Pathologies that allow you to count on a deferral from military service or to receive a white ticket:

- indication for high or low pressure;

- kidney disease, which has turned into a chronic stage;

- diseases associated with the spine;

- asthma;

- diseases of the central nervous system;

- heart disease;

- periarthritis;

- mental disorders that can lead to suicide;

- disorders of the digestive tract;

- urolithiasis, night incontinence, cystitis and others.

Other reasons that may lead to the inability to immediately begin military service

If a young man at the time of his call to the military registration and enlistment office is a young dad (has a child under 3 years old), then he receives a reprieve. If he has more children, then he definitely does not get into the army. Also, they will not be hired for military service if the conscript has parents who cannot work (pensioners, disabled people), or close relatives with disabilities.

You can forget about the army for a person who is the only breadwinner in the family. Full-time students studying at universities with III and IV levels of accreditation do not have the opportunity to defend their homeland.

The fact that gays do not serve in the army is a myth! Do not even try to convince the commission that you are gay.

Priests, candidates of science, deputies, mayors and convicted people are not called up. In addition, farmers can easily get a deferment from military service, and so-called alternative workers will receive exemption from service. But this is not always the case, because in some cases the army is replaced by the civil service, where you will have to work at work, which able-bodied citizens refuse.

A delay until the next call will be such diseases as the acute phase of acute respiratory viral infections or influenza, pneumonia, stomach or intestinal ulcers, fungal infections of the epidermis, damage to the limbs (fractures), etc.

Also, young people over 27 years old will not be called up for military service, the only exceptions are mobilization fees or exercises, when all soldiers are called up, including those in reserve.

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