Valery Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Valery Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Valery Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Valery Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Valery Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
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Valery Makarov dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood. A living example of acting was before his eyes, because he was born into a creative family, his parents Arkady Vladimirovich and Vera Ivanovna Makarov worked as clowns. Since childhood, their son himself composed and declared comic poems, and in his youth this fun grew into a serious hobby, and then into a profession.

Valery Makarov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Valery Makarov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography and creativity

The future poet and actor was born on June 9 in the post-war years - in 1947. A creative atmosphere reigned in the family. Parents, who were professionally involved in clowning, guided the boy to the path of life in which they were well-versed. However, after graduating from the Omsk school, young Valera Makarov did not dare to enter a theater university and chose the history department of the Omsk Pedagogical Institute. But even there he showed himself, actively participated in creative evenings and skits, was the soul of the company.

At his faculty, he met a great love and future wife - Lyubov Polishchuk. She could not resist the charm of an imposing, charming, madly in love brunette with incredible charisma. Gifted, very in love with each other, young Soviet students wanted to do everything together. So the two of them entered the All-Russian Creative Workshop of Variety Art, which was recruited only in the capital, and together they moved to live and study in Moscow.


Biography facts:

  • Valery and Lyuba took part in amateur performances together.
  • In a duet in Moscow, they worked in a team called "On the Omsk Stage".
  • Then both went to serve in the capital "Music Hall".

They performed in a popular conversational genre, sang very beautifully with the guitar. The audience loved them, they were spontaneous, active, as if they did not play, but lived on stage. Sparkling and incredibly talented, Polishchuk and Makarov conquered the viewer with their acting from the very first minute.

In 1968, a resounding success awaited the creative family - they entered the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. We were very worried, rehearsed a lot, in the end both brilliantly worked out the program and at one point became famous.

Valery Arkadievich and his future wife returned to their native Omsk. In their city, they were already known as pop stars, the audience bought tickets to watch only this duet. Soon Valery went to the army, where for two years he played in the ensemble of the Siberian Military District, he was sent on tour to the military units of Siberia. Waiting for a lover from the army, Lyubov got a job at the Omsk Philharmonic, participated in productions, went on tour and counted the days until the meeting. The young people got married, and the couple had a boy, named Alexei.


But something in life did not work out, and joint work and a common vocation did not strengthen the relationship of the spouses, and just six years after the marriage, Lyubov Polishchuk demanded a divorce and, after drawing up the documents on divorce, moved with her son to Moscow for good. As she later said in an interview, the reason for the divorce was financial difficulties and frequent quarrels, misunderstandings. Love worked a lot, became in demand, she, as an actress, was invited to participate in theatrical performances and act in films. And Valery could not find himself in the Moscow whirlwind.

Later, the details of this scandalous divorce appeared in the media, they wrote that the confident mother did not even allow her father to see her son. Lyubov Grigorievna herself tactfully never talked about the reason for parting with Valery, she casually mentioned only how hard it became for her, after marriage, to pull her son Lesha and earn money by taking on any episodic roles. And only the mother of the actress, the mother-in-law of the actor, once pointed out the hopeless drunkenness of Makarov.

The divorce took a heavy toll on Valeria, who is still in love with Polishchuk. He was very worried, did not communicate with anyone, did not let anyone into his personal life, lived alone as a hermit. He was convinced that there was no one better than his Lyubochka in the whole world. As the only close friend of Makarov, actor Sergei Denisenko, said, Valera grieved until the last day that life had separated him from his family - Lyuba and his son Alyosha.

Second marriage

After a while, working at the Omsk Philharmonic, the man met the charming ballerina Tatyana, who drowned out the pain in his heart and accepted his offer to marry.

The newlyweds had a daughter, Elena (who lived all her life in Omsk and for more than 30 years did not know her older brother Alexei), but this union was doomed to a sad ending. At 45, a tragedy occurred that put an end to Valery's suffering.


According to scarce official data, Makarov died on July 7, 1992, in his hometown of Omsk, in his own apartment. His heart stopped.

Valery's friend Sergei Denisenko recalls that that evening a noisy company from Moscow came to the actor. Valery and his friends cheerfully celebrated the meeting, and then Makarov went to see them off to the station. He was drunk, felt bad, on the way he went to the store for a beer, but did not buy it, because the drink is over.

Valery came home, sat down on the sofa and died. According to the doctors' conclusion, his heart simply could not stand it, he had a stroke. He was only 45 years old.


In 1996, a posthumous collection of poems by the poet Valery Makarov "I managed to fall in love with loneliness …" was published. It contains talented but little-known poems:

  • "Why drag out of jealousy …"
  • "In a white shroud …"
  • "And the phone will not scream into the darkness …"
  • Actors

After the death of Makarov, only an old guitar and a stack of yellowed black and white photographs remained. His poems and photos were published only in several Omsk publications and did not gain much recognition.