Alexander Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Alexander Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Alexander Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Alexander Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Alexander Makarov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: Как живет Вячеслав Макаров и сколько зарабатывает ведущий шоу Маска Нам и не снилось 2023, October

Alexander Makarov is a renowned specialist in the field of modern psychology with over 10 years of experience. He is engaged in private practice, conducts individual consultations and group trainings, writes articles on current topics. Television viewers know Makarov well as an expert on the programs "Housing and Communal Services" and "Plot", as well as a skeptic on the popular show "The Battle of Psychics".

Alexander Makarov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Alexander Makarov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography Highlights: Family and Early Years

Makarov Alexander Viktorovich was born on January 2, 1979 in the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, which is part of the Soviet district of the capital of Siberia. The largest scientific and educational centers, institutes, museums, the presidium of the RAS branch are concentrated in this part of the city.


Alexander's father, Viktor Viktorovich Makarov, is a well-known psychotherapist, professor, one of the largest specialists in his field. Mom Galina Anatolyevna is a candidate of psychological sciences. The Makarovs are still actively engaged in professional activities, and their grown-up children continue the family business. Alexander's sisters - Ekaterina and Ksenia - also provide psychotherapeutic assistance to adults and children. All members of the Makarov family regularly improve their qualifications, undergo training in Europe, and get acquainted with popular methods of psychotherapy through personal experience.

Remembering his childhood, Alexander Viktorovich notes that his years of growing up fell on a difficult time of the collapse of communist ideals. The Makarov family was very upset by the extinction of interest in science, when many talented scientists, due to poverty, were forced to change their profession or tried to go abroad. During this turbulent time, they also did not stay long in one place. As a result of such a nomadic life, Alexander managed to change seven schools and four cities.

Makarov grew up an enterprising child. For example, at the age of 10, he earned money selling postcards to foreign tourists, and spent money on various goodies and entertainment. The main trouble of his youth, Alexander calls drugs, because of which many of his peers and friends died early.

Makarov received his higher education at the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis in St. Petersburg, although he has a special opinion on this. In his opinion, the value of an institute diploma in our country is greatly exaggerated. Alexander sincerely does not understand why there are so many people with higher education in Russia.

During his studies at the institute, an active young man did not sit idly by. He got a job in a large sporting goods store, and climbed the career ladder to deputy director. Despite the obvious managerial talents, Makarov never seriously considered this activity, but used it for temporary earnings.

Professional career

After graduating from the institute in 2005, Alexander moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, where he lives to this day. Here he received another education at the Maimonides Academy at the Faculty of Classical Philology, Psychology and Law.

He began his career in private practice, and in 2006 he also briefly worked at the Gilyarovsky Psychiatric Hospital. He had to leave due to the poor working conditions that characterize most government agencies. The doctors did not have enough computers to keep records of the disease, which created a tense atmosphere in the team and took away Makarov's time for communicating with patients.

Therefore, he focused on private consultations, corporate trainings, and professional development. In 2007, he completed more than 500 hours of training at the Academy of Postgraduate Education at the Department of Psychiatry, where he focused on the topic of post-stress disorders. In 2012 he made an expedition to India to study and master local psychological practices.

In the period 2007-2010, he worked with training groups at advanced training courses for doctors, led by his father Viktor Viktorovich. Since 2008, Alexander Makarov begins to appear actively on television and radio stations as an invited expert. As a representative of the psychological community, he tries to express personal assessments or opinions, supported by statistics, research, professional experience.

His television debut took place on the Podmoskovye channel. Makarov recalled that he was very worried during the performance. Soon he became a regular guest of various programs, including:

  • analytical programs;
  • popular talk shows;
  • news releases;
  • documentaries;
  • journalistic investigations;
  • morning broadcasts of radio stations and TV channels.

The experience of expert speeches by Alexander Viktorovich has over 100 comments for the media. In particular, he was invited as a host in projects dedicated to religious sects and the influence of the Internet on human behavior.


In 2010 Makarov was invited to the show about paranormal abilities "Battle of psychics". Its tasks include conducting tests for participants and psychological support for the heroes of the program. Since then, he has appeared in nine seasons of the popular project. According to Alexander, viewers love the "Battle of Psychics" for the special drama that real heroes and tragic, mysterious stories give to what is happening on the screen.

Makarov was one of the founders of the private psychiatric clinic Rehab Family, in 2011-2013 he served as executive director. Today this clinic is one of the largest in Europe and is known far beyond the borders of Russia.

At present, Alexander Viktorovich continues to engage in private practice, collaborates with the "Battle of Psychics", is a member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League.

Working methods

In his work, Alexander Makarov is a supporter of the method of interaction with the patient. He sees his task as a specialist in helping the client in choosing methods and actions to solve his problems. Such a conscious approach on the part of the patient, according to the psychotherapist, is the most effective. At the same time, he tries not to consult more than 10 people at the same time, so that the quality of work does not suffer. Questions and problems that Makarov works with:

  • relationships with difficult teenagers;
  • building relationships with the opposite sex;
  • problems of interaction with other people;
  • assistance in the development and improvement of useful skills (sociability, self-confidence, tolerance);
  • solving family problems and building relationships in the family;
  • the need for a frank conversation without fear of misunderstanding or judgment.

Personal life


The famous psychotherapist is married to Tatiana Makarova. In 2015, the couple had a son, Philip. Alexander maintains close relationships with his parents and sisters. On his pages on social networks, you can see regular photo reports of family meetings. Makarov devotes his free time to traveling, reading books, rollerblading, cycling, and a car.