Derzhavin Mikhail Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Derzhavin Mikhail Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Derzhavin Mikhail Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Derzhavin Mikhail Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Derzhavin Mikhail Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Derzhavin Mikhail is a popular film and theater actor. He gained fame by playing in the film Three Men in a Boat, Excluding a Dog. For many years Mikhail Mikhailovich was Pan Leader in the popular show "Zucchini" 13 chairs ".

Mikhail Derzhavin
Mikhail Derzhavin

Family, early years

Mikhail Mikhailovich was born on June 15, 1936. The family lived in Moscow. Mikhail's father was a People's Artist. In addition to the son, the Derzhavins had 2 more daughters - Anna, Tatyana.

In the house where the family lived, artists, actors lived, and also the Shchukin school was located. The children were surrounded by a creative atmosphere. Famous actors - friends of their father - came to visit the Derzhavins.

During the war, the family lived in Omsk. In that period, Mikhail was 5 years old, he performed in front of soldiers in hospitals. After the war, the Derzhavins returned home.

After graduating from school, Mikhail entered the Shchukin School. Many teachers knew him very well. After 3 years, Shirvindt Alexander entered the school, he made friends with Mikhail during his years at school.

Creative biography

After college, Derzhavin worked at Lenkom. Then Shirvindt Alexander got a job there. In 1963, Anatoly Efros was appointed director of the theater. Derzhavin was involved in several productions. The most successful was the play "Dangerous Age", which became the hallmark of the actor.

In 1965 he moved to the Theater of Satire and appeared in the play Banquet. Later Shirvindt got a job there. In that period, their famous duet appeared.

In the 80s, Mikhail Mikhailovich became a leading actor, received leading roles in the plays "The Cherry Orchard", "Woe from Wit", "The Suicide", "Tartuffe". The best are "Farewell, entertainer!" and "Mad Money"

In the movie, the actor first appeared as a student. He appeared in the films "They were the first", "Different destinies". Then there was a break. On screens Derzhavin could again be seen in 1979, he played in the movie "Three in a boat, not counting a dog", becoming famous.

Then there were many years of filming in the "Zucchini" 13 Chairs ", Derzhavin was Pan Leading. In total, 140 episodes of the program were released, which became very popular. Later, Derzhavin and Shirvindt were the hosts of Morning Mail and I Want to Know.

In the 90s, Mikhail Mikhailovich played in the films "My Sailor", "Prima Donna Mary", "Impotent", "Womanizer" and many others. The actor died on January 10, 2018 at 81. In recent years, he was seriously ill.

Personal life

Mikhail Mikhailovich had 3 marriages. The first wife was Raikina Ekaterina, the daughter of the famous Raikin Arkady. The marriage lasted 2 years.

Then the actor married Nina, the daughter of Marshal Budyonny. They lived together for 16 years, a daughter, Maria, appeared in marriage. She graduated from the theater institute. After the birth of Pavel and Peter, the grandchildren of Mikhail Mikhailovich, Maria became a housewife.

The third wife of the actor is Babayan Roxana, they got married in 1980. Before they met, both were married. Derzhavin lived with Roksana Rubenovna until his death.