How To Adopt A Baby

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How To Adopt A Baby
How To Adopt A Baby

Video: How To Adopt A Baby

Video: How To Adopt A Baby
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Despite all government measures to support the family, the situation with orphanhood in Russia continues to be difficult. However, it is not always easy for potential adoptive parents to fulfill their desire and take a child with them. For example, difficulties may arise for those who want to take on the upbringing of an infant. How can you overcome them?

How to adopt a baby
How to adopt a baby

It is necessary

  • - autobiography;
  • - certificate of work and income;
  • - an extract from the house book;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - passport;
  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - certificate of good conduct.


Step 1

Gather the paperwork required for the adoption. Write your own so-called autobiography, where you briefly describe the history of your life and family, and also indicate the reasons why you want to adopt a child. In the clinic, get a certificate stating that you are eligible for adoption and are not dangerous for the child. In the management company, take an extract from the house book, which will show your living conditions. From your and from the place of work of your spouse, you will receive certificates of work and salary, which will be a document confirming your financial stability. In the police, take a document confirming that you have no criminal record, which will characterize you as a respectable citizen.

Step 2

Apply with all documents and together with your spouse (if you are married) to the care institution in your place of residence. You can find its address either in the directory of organizations, or on the Internet. Within fifteen days of your application, a decision will be made as to whether you are eligible to be foster parents. In this case, the guardianship staff can, for example, come to your home to check the living conditions.

Step 3

In case of a positive decision, select the child from those candidates that the guardianship officer will suggest to you. Since many people want to adopt a baby, you may have to wait a long time for your turn. You have the right to adopt a child from another city, having previously notified the guardianship authorities of your desire.

Step 4

After choosing a child according to the information in the database, visit him personally, having previously agreed with an employee of the guardianship authorities about the time of this action. There may be several meetings with the child, and a specialist must be present at one of them to assess the adult's treatment of the child.

Step 5

If you find a baby you want to adopt, take the documents to court. He will review your application and, if approved, you will become a full foster parent.

At your request, the court can also change the child's personal data - last name, first name, patronymic, even the date and place of birth.

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