How To Get A Passport In Novosibirsk

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How To Get A Passport In Novosibirsk
How To Get A Passport In Novosibirsk

Video: How To Get A Passport In Novosibirsk

Video: How To Get A Passport In Novosibirsk
Video: Получение паспорта в Новосибирске по новому регламенту №773 на Трудовой,15 2023, May

Any citizen who decides to have a rest abroad will have to issue a foreign passport. Despite the growing popularity of the biometric passport, the old-style document is no less in demand. This is due to the low cost of registration and the ability to paste photos of children into it. There are several departments of the Federal Migration Service in Novosibirsk that accept documents for issuing an old-style foreign passport.

How to get a passport in Novosibirsk
How to get a passport in Novosibirsk

It is necessary

  • - internal passport with copies of all pages containing any information;
  • - application form;
  • - receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • - 3 photos;
  • - old foreign passport (if any);
  • - military ID (for men).


Step 1

Enter your data in the application form for the issuance of a foreign passport. The form and sample of filling can be found on the official website of the Federal Migration Service of Novosibirsk. Be careful when preparing an application: the presence of incomplete or inaccurate information may serve as a reason for refusing to issue a document. Please fill out the questionnaire in capital letters only.

Step 2

Print out the completed application in duplicate so that all information is located on both sides of one sheet. Forms drawn up with certain violations are not accepted for consideration.

Step 3

Paste a photo on each of the statements, then contact the head of the institution where you work. He must sign the questionnaires and certify his signature with the seal of the organization. Full-time students must apply to the head of the educational institution for a signature and seal. Unemployed citizens (including pensioners) submit an uncertified application to the FMS.

Step 4

Pay the state fee for paperwork. Bank details can be found in the nearest FMS branch or on the official website of the department.

Step 5

Within 10 days from the moment of certification of the questionnaire, come to the FMS with a full package of documents. If the application deadline is missed, you will have to fill out and certify the questionnaire again. In Novosibirsk, foreign passports are issued at the following addresses:

- st. D. Kovalchuk, 396a;

- st. Labor Square, 1;

- Dzerzhinsky avenue, 12/2;

- st. Nikitin, 70;

- st. Kutateladze, 1.

Step 6

Receive a finished document one month after submitting your application.

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