How To Get A Technical Passport

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How To Get A Technical Passport
How To Get A Technical Passport

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To register transactions with an apartment, a technical passport is required. This is an information document that reflects the condition of the dwelling. It is useful to know what this document is and how to obtain it.

How to get a technical passport
How to get a technical passport


Step 1

There are two main types of technical passports: building passport and apartment passport. The registration certificate of an apartment is nothing more than an extract from a single document that describes the characteristics of the building. The passport of the apartment, in particular, is obtained upon receipt of approval for the redevelopment of the premises or in the process of registration of transactions with real estate.

Step 2

The technical passport of the building contains information about the size of the building and the number of floors, the date of construction, and the date of major repairs. The thickness of the walls and the material from which they are made and other technical data are also indicated. The building passport also contains the floor plan of the premises.

Step 3

In the technical passport of the apartment, you will find information about its footage, the number of rooms, the material of the walls and partitions. The so-called inventory value of the apartment is also indicated.

Step 4

Registration and issuance of a technical passport for an apartment takes place in the design and inventory bureau of the district. When obtaining a passport for an apartment, you need to submit to this institution an application, a document proving your identity, a document on ownership.

Step 5

Upon receipt of a technical passport for privatization purposes, you will need your passport and a certificate in form No. 7. When registering an inheritance, you will also be required to have a death certificate, the heir's passport, the original and a copy of the title document.

Step 6

Registration of a passport will require an inspection of the apartment by an employee of the design and inventory bureau, to whom you must provide access to the premises. This service is paid, you can pay for it at any branch of the bank.

Step 7

The validity period of the technical passport you received is not limited by anything. But according to the legislation, the apartment must be taken into account at least once every five years.

Step 8

If you are planning to redevelop an apartment, then you cannot do without obtaining a technical passport. Permitted changes made are entered into the passport. Pay attention to this point when buying a home and before selling an apartment in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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