How To Get A Passport

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How To Get A Passport
How To Get A Passport

Video: How To Get A Passport

Video: How To Get A Passport
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The time of vacations and vacations is approaching. And that means travel. If you are drawn to beauty far beyond the borders of Russia, take care of obtaining a passport in advance.

How to get a passport
How to get a passport

It is necessary

documents, time, money


Step 1

To obtain the coveted document, contact the OUFMS (OVIR). You must come there with a prepared package of documents.

Step 2

First of all, you will need an application form in duplicate. Its form can be downloaded from the FMS website. It should be printed at 100% scale on one sheet with a back. In the questionnaire, in block letters in blue or black ink, or using a computer, fill in information about yourself - name, date and place of birth, place of residence, citizenship, place of work, purpose of obtaining a passport, etc.

Step 3

In addition, take with you a passport, work book or certificate from the place of work, a previously issued passport, 4 black and white or color photographs 3, 5 x 4, 5 cm in full face, without a headdress (except for cases when the presence of a headdress is necessary for religious reasons). Military personnel must provide permission from the command, and men 18-27 years old - a military ID with a mark on the end of service or a certificate from the military commissariat.

Step 4

If you want to enter information about children in your passport of a new sample or draw up the same documents for them, you will need their birth certificate. For certain categories of citizens, it is necessary to have some more documents, their list can be viewed on the website of public services.

Step 5

Pay a fee of 2500 rubles (a new passport with an electronic data carrier) or 1000 rubles (an old passport) and attach the receipt to the rest of the documents.

Step 6

If all the papers are collected and executed correctly, the OUFMS employee will accept your application and issue an appropriate certificate. In no more than a month (if you apply at your place of residence) or in four months (application at the place of registration), your passport will be issued.

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