Who Invented The Bicycle

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Who Invented The Bicycle
Who Invented The Bicycle

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Video: Who Invented The Bicycle
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"No need to reinvent the wheel!" - for sure you have heard or pronounced this phrase more than once. When they say so, they usually mean that there is no need to reinvent what already exists. But, oddly enough, many people know very little about the invention of the bicycle. Who, where, when and how created this vehicle?

Who invented the bicycle
Who invented the bicycle

Who was the first to invent the bicycle?

There is a version that the first bicycle was invented by Leonardo da Vinci. However, it is controversial. Also, the version that this vehicle was invented by the peasant Artamonov did not find one hundred percent confirmation.

It is believed that the bicycle was not immediately invented. Its improvement went through several stages.

In 1817, German professor Karl von Drez invented a scooter-like structure. This device consisted of two wheels and was called by its author a "walking machine". Somewhat later, compatriots Drez named this scooter a trolley after the inventor. In 1818, Baron von Drez patented his creation.

When the scooter was visited in Great Britain, this design was nicknamed "Dandy Horses". In 1839-1840. in a small town in the south of Scotland, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a blacksmith by trade, perfected this walking machine with a saddle and pedals. This device was much like a modern bicycle. It was necessary to push the pedals to rotate the rear wheel, while the front wheel could be turned using the steering wheel.

For unknown reasons, the invention of the blacksmith Macmillan remained in the shadows, and was soon forgotten.

In 1862 the French master Pierre Lallemant decided to add pedals to the "Dandy Horse" (while Pierre was not aware of Kirkpatrick Macmillan's invention). And in 1863 Lalman realized his idea. His product is considered by many to be the world's first bicycle, and Pierre himself is, accordingly, the first inventor of this type of transport.

When and where was the first bicycle invented?

The year of the invention of the first bicycle can be considered both 1817, when the “walking machine” was created, and 1840, and 1862. However, there is another important date associated with the invention of the bicycle, namely 1866, when the Lalman bicycle was patented.

Since then, this vehicle has been improved every year. The materials from which the bicycle is made, and its design, as well as the ratios and diameters of the wheel sizes, changed. However, the modern bicycle does not differ significantly from Lalman's design.

So, if we assume that the very first bicycle was invented by Pierre Lalman, then France will be the birthplace of this vehicle. However, the Germans believe that the bicycle was invented in Germany. In part, this is also true. If the invention of Baron Karl von Drez had not existed, Lallemant would not have thought of improving it.

But don't forget about Scotland. The prototype of the bicycle, which was designed by Kirkpatrick Macmillan, was not significantly different from the invention of Lalman.

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