Rules For Dipping Into An Ice Hole For Epiphany

Rules For Dipping Into An Ice Hole For Epiphany
Rules For Dipping Into An Ice Hole For Epiphany

Video: Rules For Dipping Into An Ice Hole For Epiphany

Video: Rules For Dipping Into An Ice Hole For Epiphany
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On January 19, all Orthodox Christians celebrate the great feast of the Epiphany of the Lord. According to church canons, on Epiphany Christmas Eve, January 18, a believer must come to church, defend the service, light a candle, and collect blessed water. But no one demands to plunge into ice water, especially if a person is not ready for it. However, this tradition is becoming more and more popular.

Rules for dipping into an ice hole for Epiphany
Rules for dipping into an ice hole for Epiphany

First of all, you need to remember that dipping into an ice-hole for Epiphany is not a tribute to fashion, not a cult or drunken fun. This is a sacred sacrament, cleansing from sins in which a person has repented. It is to such people that liberation from ailments, spiritual and physical, enlightenment and God's grace are given. From the church point of view, until the rite of blessing the water, which takes place after the evening service on Epiphany Christmas Eve, is completed, swimming in the ice-hole remains ice swimming and has nothing to do with the Orthodox rite. For those who really want to touch the shrine, it is important to wait until the reservoir is consecrated.


There are some simple tips to keep you alive. After all, you see, dipping in January is quite an extreme activity:

  • the presence of health workers,
  • reservoir depth - up to 1, 8 m,
  • the hole must be fenced off.

It is strictly forbidden to plunge:

  • in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous system, chronic inflammatory processes;
  • if you have taken alcohol, just left the bath.

And if you still fulfill all the rules of immersion for Epiphany, you will not only receive a huge boost of vigor and good mood, but you will also be healthy for a very, very long time.

1. Make sure you are healthy and well. This is mainly about colds (it is clear that if you have gangrene and you go for a dip to heal, then you are unlikely to feel well).

2. Pick up your clothes. It should be not only warm, but also comfortable. Quick to unbutton and easy to put back on. Don't forget the hat! after dipping, be sure to put it on. And you will be much more comfortable if you take a rubber mat to change on it.

3. The best temperature for dipping into the ice hole for Epiphany is up to -5 degrees. If the frost is below -10, and you do not dip regularly (I mean, not once a year, but once a day), then it is better to refrain from such extreme actions.

4. Don't dip hungry! For a couple of hours, it is advisable to eat loosely, and immediately after dipping - drink not alcohol !!!, but warm tea or herbal infusion.

5. Before dipping, be sure to do a little exercise, warm up, warm up your muscles: jump, wave your arms, squat.

6. Being in the water for about 10-15 seconds, this is quite enough to plunge three times. And there is no need for you to stay there any longer.

7. After leaving, rub yourself well with a towel, do not put clothes on a wet body. Wipe dry, get dressed and go into the warmth. If you plunge constantly, you can stay in the cold for another 15 minutes.

8. In no case do not plunge into a state of alcoholic intoxication! It could cost you your life!

And remember, dipping into an ice-hole for baptism is an Orthodox rite. Before diving, you need to cross yourself three times. And if swimming trunks are enough for a man, then it is advisable for a woman to be in a nightgown, and not in a swimsuit, from which all her charms fall out.

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