How To Get Croatian Citizenship

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How To Get Croatian Citizenship
How To Get Croatian Citizenship

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Video: How To Get Croatian Citizenship
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Acceptance of Croatian citizenship gives a number of advantages to the residents of the country. High standard of living, favorable climate, the possibility of visa-free travel to the Schengen countries.

How to get Croatian citizenship
How to get Croatian citizenship


Step 1

To obtain Croatian citizenship, obtain a permanent residence permit in the country. To do this, submit documents to the territorial bodies of the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pass the examination in the Croatian language and the Constitution and you can now apply for citizenship.

Step 2

Write an application for citizenship. You must be at least 18 years old at the time of filing. From the date of application, have lived in the country continuously for 5 years. This period can be significantly reduced - up to 3 years. Learn Croatian language and Latin alphabet. You must prove that you accept the culture of Croatia, agree with the legal system of the country.

Step 3

If you are a person of art, culture, science, sports, economics, you can obtain citizenship faster - within a period of up to 1 year. The Ministry of the Interior should give its opinion on the country's interest in granting you citizenship. Your spouse or spouse can also count on a quick solution to the issue. Having direct relatives of Croatian origin can speed up the process of acquiring citizenship.

Step 4

Buy a property or start a business in Croatia. The relatively low real estate prices make this option for obtaining citizenship quite attractive. After 5 years of doing business, you will receive a permanent residence permit and Croatian citizenship. This state allows for a second citizenship.

Step 5

Register a marriage with an emigrant from Croatia or with a Croatian citizen, subject to permanent residence in the country, this will give you the opportunity to obtain citizenship.

Step 6

A minor can acquire Croatian citizenship if he has at least one parent who has acquired Croatian citizenship. If he was adopted by Croatian parents in accordance with the laws.

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