Black Crystal: Magical And Healing Properties

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Black Crystal: Magical And Healing Properties
Black Crystal: Magical And Healing Properties

Video: Black Crystal: Magical And Healing Properties

Video: Black Crystal: Magical And Healing Properties
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Black crystal is a mysterious gem that attracts with its mystical beauty and powerful energy. It is also called morion. Possesses a wide range of medicinal and magical properties. But not everyone will be able to cope with the stone.

Morion stone
Morion stone

The morion stone is shrouded in evil glory. Terrible legends have always circulated around him. Mineral is the most mysterious type of crystal. It got its name back in Ancient Greece.

In Russia, the stone was called "gypsy". In European countries, the morion was known as the "black diamond". But in the most ancient years, the mineral was called simply "pestilence", which means "death".

The stone in legends was associated with the goddess Morena, who chose earthly life for the sake of riches. She became a black sorceress. She sent curses and death on people. According to legends, Morena had a morion, thanks to which she retained eternal youth.

Black crystal was popular in ancient times. He was found in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. The Bowl of Buddha is made of it. It is constantly used in magic and healing practices.

The healing properties of morion

The stone can be used to prevent and treat a wide variety of diseases. According to lithotherapists, black crystal has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state. With the help of the mineral, it will be possible to cope with depression, nervousness and anxiety. It helps to get rid of negative energy - another property of black crystal.

Morion is able to share energy with his owner. Thanks to the stone, immunity is strengthened, strength is increased. It is recommended to wear the mineral for athletes or those people who suffer from chronic fatigue.

According to lithotherapists, the stone can help if there are problems such as thrombosis, aneurysm. With its help, it will be possible to normalize the pressure. It is recommended to wear a gem after a heart attack or stroke. The mineral will help you recover faster.

There is an opinion that the stone helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It relieves pain.

In ancient times, morion was used to remove poisons and toxins from the body. With its help, you can get rid of bad habits. But you need to understand that the mineral is not able to heal on its own. It just enhances the effect.

The magical properties of morion

Black crystal has powerful energy. Therefore, the stone has always been used in mystical practices. The mineral is loved by sorcerers who are used to communicating with the souls of dead people. The crystal helps them to go to the astral plane.

In the ancient years, there were legends that demons were imprinted in the stone who wanted to enslave the human soul. And even the most powerful magician cannot drive them out. Although modern spellcasters do not agree with this point of view, wearing a stone is constantly not recommended. The fact is that he is able to absorb negative energy.

The magical properties of black crystal

  1. Protects from damage, evil eyes and negative energy.
  2. Helps to cope with financial difficulties.
  3. With its help, it will be possible to move up the career ladder.
  4. Morion reveals the talents of his owner. Thanks to him, he will be able to realize himself in the creative profession.

It is believed that morion can be used in black magic. However, this is not true. The stone will only help the person whose thoughts are pure. If the owner of the stone wants to harm someone, the mineral will cease to "cooperate" with him.

Who is Morion suitable for?

Astrologers believe that black crystal is ideal for air and earth signs. Libra with its help will be able to find the work of a lifetime. They will learn to set goals and fulfill desires.

Gemini with the help of morion will be able to cope with bad habits. The stone will help Aquarius to reveal talents. Capricorns will become healthier. They will be able to cope with financial difficulties. Black crystal will help Taurus find a way out of any difficult situation.

Astrologers are not recommended to purchase a stone for Scorpions, Leo and Sagittarius. Due to the mineral, the representatives of these zodiac signs will become more irritable and aggressive.

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