Pearls: Magical And Healing Properties Of A Gem

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Pearls: Magical And Healing Properties Of A Gem
Pearls: Magical And Healing Properties Of A Gem

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Video: Pearls: Magical And Healing Properties Of A Gem
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The pearl stone is an amazing gift from wildlife to mankind. It is the only mineral that is not found in the ground. It is taken from the bottom of large bodies of water. Known to man for many centuries. The gem has always been highly prized.

Pearl stone
Pearl stone

According to scientists, the pearl stone was first discovered about 4 thousand years ago in the waters of the Gulf of Mannar. There is a mineral that was discovered during excavations in Susa. According to archaeologists, it is about 4, 5 thousand years old.

According to legends, Cleopatra drank a glass of wine every day, in which a large pearl was dissolved. In honor of this story, a Pearl cocktail is offered in some modern hotels. Guests can order a glass of wine, along with which they will bring a pearl.

In ancient years, pearls were used when it was required to avoid major military conflicts. The rulers of different countries presented each other with jewelry with a gem as a gift. In this way, they demonstrated not only their location, but also their wealth.

In ancient China, pearls adorned the headdresses of nobles. With the help of the mineral, they emphasized their high status. In Russia, the mineral was used as a decoration for clothing and household utensils. According to legends, Prince Svyatoslav wore the mineral in his ear. In Europe, pearls were used to decorate icons and church utensils. One could see stones in the clothes of the priests.

Healing properties of pearls

The mineral has a large energy reserve. Thanks to this, he is able to cure a person of almost everything. Most effective in the treatment of internal organs. According to lithotherapists, the stone is recommended for people who have problems with the kidneys, stomach and liver.

The beneficial effect on the nervous system is another healing property of pearls. With the help of a stone, you can forget about irritation. The owner of the mineral will no longer be offended by the people around him because of all sorts of trifles. The gem is able to relieve fatigue after a hard day.

There is an opinion that the mineral is able to warn about health problems. If the pearl has lost its brightness, then it is recommended to undergo a complete medical examination.

According to lithotherapists, with the help of pearls you can increase immunity and protect yourself from viruses and microbes.

The magical properties of pearls

The stone can be used not only during the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. With it, you can learn about damage and the evil eye. Usually the stone tarnishes when it wants to warn its owner of a negative impact. But it is worth knowing that the mineral will protect only those people who have a pure soul. He will not help willful, angry personalities. Pearls are not suitable for deceitful people. The owner of the gem is not recommended to lie even to himself.

Pearls symbolize purity, purity, sincerity of thoughts. In Asia, the mineral was used to protect against evil eyes and negativity. They took him with them to romantic meetings and business events. He is able to help in any situation.

The main magical property of pearls is the preservation of peace and order in the family.

To whom the mineral is not suitable

Pearls have a huge amount of energy. It is not recommended to be worn by people with a weak will, too depressed personalities, as well as men who do not believe in their own strengths and capabilities. It is not worth buying even if the psyche is not stable.

Basically, the gem is suitable for women. The mineral is able to enhance their qualities. The gem will make its owner softer. He will give her wisdom, give her femininity and charm. It is not recommended for men to wear pearls because he will pass on feminine traits to them.

It can only be taken with you to business meetings to gain flexibility. This will have a beneficial effect on the negotiations.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry with pearls that another person has previously used if there is no confidence in his personal qualities. The mineral is able to retain the emotions of its owner, and then transfer them to a new owner.

Who is pearl suitable for? It is best to wear a mineral from the representative of the water signs of the zodiac. This gem is ideally compatible with Cancer and Pisces. But for Scorpio, only black pearls are suitable. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorns should generally refuse to buy this gem. Pearls will try to suppress the will of the representatives of these signs.

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