Magomed Nurbagandovich Nurbagandov: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Magomed Nurbagandovich Nurbagandov: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Magomed Nurbagandovich Nurbagandov: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Lieutenant Nurbagandov was not an operative and did not take part in special operations. Working as a legal adviser, he was completely far from the idea that one day he would have to become a hero. Fate decided otherwise. On the morning of July 2016, Magomed performed an act worthy of a man, which cost him his life. The brave policeman fell at the hands of brutal militants.

Magomed Nurbagandovich Nurbagandov
Magomed Nurbagandovich Nurbagandov

From the biography of M. Nurbagandov

A Dargin by nationality, Magomed Nurbagandov was born in the village of Sergokala (this is in Dagestan) on January 9, 1985. He graduated from the lyceum in his native village. He studied approximately, was awarded a gold medal at the end of his studies. Then he received a law degree at the State University of Makhachkala.

After that there was a service in the detachment of the non-departmental police of Kaspiysk. Magomed was not an ordinary policeman, he chose the career of the department's legal adviser.

The father of the future hero was from the village of Urakhi. He is a physicist by education. He worked as an economist, then led a school in his homeland. Magomed's maternal grandfather was also a teacher. He is the holder of the title of Honored Teacher of the Republic of Dagestan. Magomed's mother is a doctor, a specialist in the field of ultrasound diagnostics. Has experience in therapeutic work. Head of the polyclinic in the village. Sergokala. Nurbagandov's sister, Mariam, also became a doctor, choosing for herself the specialty of a neurologist.

Magomed was married, together with his wife Camilla raised two children - Patimat and Nurbaganda.

The tragic death of a hero

On that ill-fated ninth July day of 2016, Magomed and his relatives settled down to rest in the forest near their native village. Towards morning, several people with weapons crept up to the tent. They rudely awakened the sleeping people. A verbal skirmish began. One of the visitors hit Nurbagandov's younger brother. The lawyer's cousin stood up for a relative and was immediately shot dead.

The criminals found out that Magomed works for the police. In a rage, the attackers pushed the policeman and his brother into the luggage compartment of the car and took them to a remote place. A bloody massacre began.

All that happened criminals, who called themselves supporters of the odious "Islamic state", which is banned in the country, filmed on a mobile phone. They demanded that Nurbagandov renounce his convictions on camera and urged other police officers to leave the service.

The video was subsequently uploaded to a banned extremist site. However, the investigation found that the bandits removed from the video the piece where the courageous Magomed Nurbagandov exclaimed before his death: “Work, brothers!”.

Later, the security forces planned and carried out a special operation; in the course of it, some of the participants in the attack were killed, others were detained. In the belongings of one of the defeated militants, the operatives found a telephone with a full record of the massacre. So it was possible to establish that Nurbagandov behaved like a hero. The enemy could not break the will of the courageous Dagestani.

In the fall of 2016, the head of the Russian state presented the parents of the deceased policeman with award documents and the star of the Hero of Russia. This is how the country appreciated the feat of Magomed Nurbagandovich.

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