Ermolova Maria Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Ermolova Maria Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Ermolova Maria Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Maria Nikolaevna Ermolova is a unique phenomenon on the Russian stage. This actress was the founder of a new era of Russian theater. Everyone who saw her play immediately realized that he was faced with true talent.

Ermolova Maria Nikolaevna: biography, career, personal life
Ermolova Maria Nikolaevna: biography, career, personal life

Childhood and youth

Maria Petrovna Ermolova was born in Moscow in 1853. It is noteworthy that her ancestors were from serfs, therefore Maria was distinguished by a large physique at that time, and because of this, some theater teachers at first considered her clumsy. But this is only as long as Mary did not enter the image. And here it was already difficult to resist. Queen and nothing more!

So, Maria's grandfather was a serf violinist. The craving for art already lived in him, so after receiving his freedom he got a job in the theater. Father Maria had no choice but to link his life with the theater too. He was an actor, and later served as a prompter at the Maly Theater.

Next to him during all the performances one could see his little daughter Masha. Maria literally grew up in the theater, and later devoted fifty years of her life to it.


At the age of nine, Masha entered the Moscow Theater School. At first, the teachers did not see talent in her, assuming that her ceiling was to dance in the corps de ballet. But the chance helped Mary to show her talent. A famous actress fell ill, and her role was offered to Yermolova. Maria Nikolaevna brilliantly coped with the proposed work and won the love and respect of the audience.


Maria Nikolaevna devoted her whole life to the Maly Theater. She played about 200 roles, and all were invariably successful. Maria usually went out for an encore fifteen to twenty times.

It should be noted that despite her wild popularity, Maria Nikolaevna remained a very modest person. When venerable directors expressed admiration for her performance, the actress lowered her eyes to the floor and blushed.

It is noteworthy that Maria Nikolaevna considered her only success in the theater to be the role of Jeanne d'Arc in the play "The Maid of Orleans".

After thirty-seven years of conscientious service on the stage, Maria Ermolova went on vacation and returned in a different role. She realized that her age no longer allows her to play heroines, and asked for a rest in order to prepare herself for new roles.

The revolution

After the revolution, the whole family of Ermolova moved abroad. But Maria Nikolaevna remained in Moscow, she could not leave the theater. She continued to play, although she noticed that it became very difficult. The new spectator did not need the theater that had been built in Russia for centuries. He wanted simpler performances, and this upset the actress. She played her roles without previous inspiration. In addition, the revolution severely undermined Yermolova's health, and soon the artist died.

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