What Tribes Were The Slavs Divided Into

What Tribes Were The Slavs Divided Into
What Tribes Were The Slavs Divided Into

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The Slavs are considered the largest group of peoples, which were united by the peculiarities of languages ​​and the territory of origin. They are divided into eastern, western and southern. The Old Russian nationality was created by the East Slavic tribes.

What tribes were the Slavs divided into?
What tribes were the Slavs divided into?


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Glade. These inhabitants of the Dnieper region appeared in the 6th century. The main occupations for them were arable farming, bee-keeping, cattle breeding. They got their name thanks to the art of cultivating fields. In the future, it was this tribe of Slavs that became the basis of the ancient Russian statehood that developed in Kiev. Later they will be called “Rusichs”.

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Drevlyans. The tribes into which the Slavs were divided often fought with each other. So it was at the glades with the Drevlyans. The latter lived in Polesie, in the Right-Bank Ukraine. They were located to the west of the meadows and from time to time behaved hostilely towards them. They got their name for life in forests, among trees. They were engaged in hunting, agriculture. Their crafts were poorly developed. Conflicts with Kievan Rus were caused by the unwillingness of the Drevlyans to join it.

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Northerners. This tribe lived on the territory of such rivers as the Seim, Sula and Desna. For a long time they had to pay tribute to the Khazars. Simultaneously with the glades, they became part of Kievan Rus. They were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding and various crafts. Their level of culture was high. The main cities were Chernigov and Kursk.

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Dregovichi. Tribal associations of the Slavs lived in different conditions. The Dregovichi, who lived in damp places near Pripyat, actually lived in swamps, dryagvas, for which they got their name. After they became part of Kievan Rus, their territories gave rise to the Polotsk and Turov principalities.

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Radimichi. They got their name from the chief of the Radim tribe. They were considered an organized people. Subsequently, they created the Smolensk and Chernigov principality.

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Krivichi. The direct translation of this word means "Eastern Slav". They were the first Slavic tribe that left the Carpathian region and moved north. On the way, they assimilated with the Finno-Ugric peoples. In the future, they became the progenitors of Belarusians. They had Izborsk and Polotsk as their centers.

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Vyatichi. Another tribe named after its ancestor. Despite the fact that they became part of Kievan Rus, the Vyatichi retained their sovereignty for another two centuries. They lived in the Oka basin. For a long time they did not recognize the princes and preserve paganism.

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Slovenia. Ilmen Slovenes lived near Lake Ilmen and included many cities in their territory, the main of which was Veliky Novgorod. The Scandinavian neighbors called their territories “the land of cities”. Pskov and Ladoga also belonged to this tribe. They called their lake the sea, because at that time it seemed huge to them.

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Volynians. They lived in the basin of the Bug and Pripyat rivers. They participated in Oleg's campaigns against Byzantium and supported Kievan Rus, but they became part of it only under Vladimir the Holy. Therefore, the Vladimir-Volyn principality appeared.

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