How To Get EU Citizenship

How To Get EU Citizenship
How To Get EU Citizenship

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The European Union attracts with its stability. More and more people want to live and obtain citizenship in it. This means having a passport in any of the 27 countries of the European Union.

How to get EU citizenship
How to get EU citizenship

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The basis on which you are eligible for citizenship


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To obtain citizenship, you need to legally reside in an EU member state for a certain period of time. It should be noted that there is no single provision on the residency qualification, it varies from 3 to 10 years for different countries. When choosing a place of residence, you need to be guided, first of all, by the level of your integration with this state, and also one of the criteria should be reliability, which increases the likelihood of achieving the desired result. And do not forget about the historical and geographical connection with the country of residence.

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A residence permit is one of the legal ways of living. To obtain a residence permit, justified reasons are required, such as running a business, on the basis of a work contract or a justified need to be permanently in the European Union. Also, you must not be convicted and not have real estate or business in your place of permanent residence. A person who has received a residence permit increases the amount of legal opportunities that differ little from the rights of citizens of a given country. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in each of the EU countries the requirements for transition to one or another legal status differ for different categories of foreign migrants.

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Also, citizenship can be obtained in any of the EU countries upon birth, through adoption, through marriage of parents, through an application based on the reasons provided for by the law of the country, as well as through marriage with an EU citizen. In the latter case, it is worth considering the different conditions in each of the EU countries. For example, in Austria, on the basis of marriage, you need to live 2 years, Germany - 3, and in Denmark - 4. But in the UK, despite its conservatism, the spouses of those who have already received a work permit have the same right to enter the territory countries.

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