How To Check A Barcode

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How To Check A Barcode
How To Check A Barcode

Video: How To Check A Barcode

Video: How To Check A Barcode

We want to buy only genuine and high quality products. A barcode is a kind of product authenticity cipher that can be easily deciphered.

How to check a barcode
How to check a barcode


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Two types of barcodes are most commonly encountered: European 13-digit and American 12-digit. They are fully compatible with each other. Let us dwell on the first of them in more detail. In such a barcode, the first three digits are the country code, the next four are the manufacturer's code, the next 5 are the product code (they contain the product name, its consumer properties, dimensions, weight and color) and, finally, the last digit is called the control one. It is used to check the correctness of the code.

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A barcode by itself cannot guarantee the quality of a product, but at the same time it is an authenticity marker, since any officially registered product has its own unique number.

There is one interesting method of checking a barcode, as they say, in the field.

Let's say we have some kind of barcode. We take (counting from left to right) and add the numbers in even places. The resulting sum must be multiplied by 3. Next, add up all the numbers in odd places (we do not take the check digit). It turned out two sums. We add them up. In the resulting number, we discard the tens place and subtract 10 from what remains after this discarding. If the result is a check digit, then the barcode is genuine.

Step 3

A short list of major country codes:

000-139 USA

300-379 France

400-440 Germany

450-459 490-499 Japan

460-469 Russia

47909 Sri Lanka

481 Belarus

482 Ukraine

500-509 UK

520 Greece

540-549 Belgium, Luxembourg

560 Portugal

640-649 Finland

690-695 China

700-709 Norway

729 Israel

730-739 Sweden

750 Mexico

754-755 Canada

760-769 Switzerland

779 Argentinian

789-790 Brazil

800-839 Italy

840-849 Spain

850 Cuba

870-879 Netherlands

890 India

There are online services where you can enter the barcode you are interested in and verify the authenticity of the purchased product, a link to one of them is given below.