Kondakova Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Kondakova Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Kondakova Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Elena Kondakova became the first woman in the history of space exploration to make a long-term flight beyond the Earth's atmosphere. For this, Elena required not only excellent health, but also great personal courage. Strong character, indomitable will, determination and uncompromising - these qualities help Kondakova to resolve issues on Earth.

Elena Vladimirovna Kondakova
Elena Vladimirovna Kondakova

From the biography of E.V. Kondakova

Elena Kondakova was born on March 30, 1957. Her homeland is the city of Mytishchi, located in the Moscow region. Lena graduated from the ten-year school in 1974, after which she received her education at the Moscow Higher Technical School. N. Bauman. Kondakova has a brother, Mikhail, he is currently teaching at the university.

In 1980, the girl already worked as an engineer in one of the departments of NPO Energia. Her tasks included working out issues related to long-term space flights. Kondakova also took part in organizing trainings with the staff of her department for working out non-standard situations. Elena Vladimirovna had to work a lot with the documentation of the operational flight control group.

At the same time, Kondakova studied at the University of Marxism-Leninism, where she graduated from the faculty of Marxist-Leninist aesthetics and art history.

In the winter of 1989, Kondakova became a candidate for test cosmonauts at NPO Energia. She had to go through full flight training. Elena Vladimirovna successfully completed her candidate experience by 1992, becoming a full-fledged test cosmonaut and instructor. After that, training began within the framework of the Mir orbital complex program, where Kondakova mastered the profession of a flight engineer.

Space flights

E. Kondakova made her first flight into outer space in October 1994. It lasted until March next year. On board the ship, Elena Vladimirovna performed the functions of a flight engineer. In April 1995, Kondakova becomes the Hero of Russia.

In subsequent years, Kondakova underwent additional training at the US Space Center. Upon completion of the course, she took part in the flight of the Atlantis shuttle, having spent more than nine days in this space flight.

Work in parliament

Since 1999, Kondakova has been intensively preparing for the next flights. She was removed from the crew of the space expedition to the ISS, since she became a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament. In the Duma, Kondakova was instructed to work in the committee on taxes and budget. The activity of the people's choice was successful; in 2003, Elena Vladimirovna was once again elected to parliament on the list of the political association "United Russia".

However, then the paths of Kondakova and the "party in power" parted ways: in 2011, Elena Vladimirovna left United Russia because she did not agree with the results of the elections within the party.

Space also influenced Elena's personal life. Kondakova's husband was cosmonaut Valery Ryumin, who later became one of the leaders at RSC Energia. In 1986, a daughter, Zhenya, was born in the family, who later chose the profession of a financier.

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