Piaf Edith: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Piaf Edith: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Piaf Edith: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Piaf Edith: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Piaf Edith: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Edith Piaf was born over a century ago. The name of this brilliant French singer is now known to connoisseurs of music. Her work is admired, legends are made about the singer's life. The biography of Edith Piaf is a series of dizzying ups and downs, successes and failures in life. This little woman has always found the strength to cope with the adversity of fate.

Edith Piaf
Edith Piaf

From the biography of Edith Piaf

The great French singer was born on December 19, 1915 in the capital of France. Her real name is Edith Giovanna Gassion. Her mother was a singer, her father was a street acrobat. He was a participant in the imperialist war.

After birth, the girl was given to her grandmother to be raised. She did not treat Edith in the best way. It soon became clear that the girl had lost her sight. There was no hope of recovery. Then her grandmother took Edith to St. Teresa in Lisieux. Thousands of pilgrims from all over France gathered here. Surprisingly, after that, Edith's eyesight returned. However, this is nothing more than a legend: the help of doctors actually helped to restore neglected vision.

At the age of eight, Edith left school and began to work with her father in the squares: he was in charge of acrobatic performances, and her daughter sang. She later became a famous street singer. At the age of 17, Edith gave birth to a daughter. But two years later, the baby died of meningitis. This loss was one of the many tragedies in the life of the French singer.

Creative career of Edith Piaf

In 1935, the owner of a trendy Parisian cabaret invited Edith to perform at his establishment. The success of the singer's performance was impressive. Soon Edith is already performing at concerts with recognized pop masters.

In 1937, Edith became close to the composer Asso, who contributed to the creation of a new image of the singer. From that time on, she began performing under the name Edith Piaf.

After the occupation of France by the Nazis, Piaf performed in the camps where prisoners of war were kept, trying to alleviate their fate as much as possible.

The biggest love in the singer's life was the boxer Marcel Cerdan. Edith met him in 1947 during a tour in the United States. Two years later, Marseille was killed in a plane crash. This loss caused the singer's severe depression.

In 1952, Piaf was twice involved in car accidents. To relieve the suffering caused by multiple fractures, doctors used morphine in the treatment. As a result, the singer became addicted to drugs.

In the same year, Piaf married the singer and poet Jacques Pils. But this union lasted only four years. In October 1962, Piaf again married her husband. Her husband was the hairdresser Theo Lambukas, a Greek by nationality. Around the same time, the singer found out that she was sick with liver cancer. The doctors did not leave her chances for a cure. Edith recorded her last song in the spring of 1963.

Edith Piaf passed away on October 10, 1963. Tens of thousands of fans of her work came to the singer's funeral.

Piaf is known not only as a singer, she has acted in films more than once. The viewer remembered her, in particular, in the films "A Star Without Light" (1946), "Secrets of Versailles" (1954), "Lovers of Tomorrow" (1959).