Matvey Yurievich Ganapolsky: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Matvey Yurievich Ganapolsky: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Matvey Yurievich Ganapolsky: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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At the current moment in history, the media have a tremendous impact on public opinion. Even in civilized countries, people have not yet developed immunity to information that is presented to each specific person from different sources. Today, viewers are beginning to understand that it is not always possible to trust what the "talking head" says from the TV. Matvey Yuryevich Ganapolsky has a natural gift to convince the audience and impose his point of view on them.

Matvey Yurievich Ganapolsky
Matvey Yurievich Ganapolsky

Childhood and youth

Journalism attracts ambitious people with a wide range of possibilities. Experts note that both talented and mediocre people get the opportunity to "break through" in this area of ​​activity. Initially, Matvey Ganapolsky did not aspire to engage in journalism. He was attracted by an artistic career. According to the recollections of relatives, at an early age he dreamed of becoming a clown and performing in a circus. Of course, you shouldn't take children's fantasies seriously. However, the boy from a young age was distinguished by a persistent character.

The future TV presenter was born on December 14, 1953 in an ordinary Soviet family. The child grew up and was brought up in a calm environment. Parents lived in Lviv. A few years later they moved to Kiev, where Matvey graduated from high school and received a certificate of maturity. Ganapolsky's biography took shape according to a common template. After school, he becomes a student at the Kiev School of Variety and Circus Art. During the training period, he observes with his own eyes how future equilibrists and jugglers live.

By this time, Matvey had already clearly seen his future. After graduating from college, he leaves for Moscow and enters the GITIS directing department. Having received a fundamental education, Ganapolsky worked for several years in Kiev. His performances of children's performances evoked a lively response from a grateful audience. The young director liked the work, but he wanted to expand the boundaries of creativity. Some time later, in 1986, he was noticed and invited to work at the famous Moscow Variety Theater.

Professional activity

The performances at the stage theater evoke critical acclaim and attract audiences. The career is going quite well. In this context, it should be noted that Moscow is a city of great opportunities. Director Ganapolsky is invited to cooperate on the All-Union Radio. Here Matvey met the famous children's writer Eduard Uspensky. The Commonwealth has resulted in several excellent radio plays. Records of these performances were released at the All-Union Melodiya studio.

The next field of application of their strengths, skills and talent was radio and television. At the end of the 1980s, television programs began to appear bypassing censorship. Ganapolsky was immediately attracted and identified topical issues. On the air of the ATV channel, he began to conduct the "Detective Show" program. The regular program "Beaumont" was very popular. Matvey quickly won the love of the audience, but the situation in the country was changing rapidly.

In 2014, Ganapolsky returned to Ukraine and received citizenship. He continued to work on television and radio. Matvey's personal life was gloomy. The first wife, Irina, died tragically when she jumped out of the window of a multi-storey building. What caused this act is unknown. The second wife is almost twenty years younger than Matvey. Husband and wife work in the same area.

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