Anatoly Vladimirovich Romashin: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Anatoly Vladimirovich Romashin: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Anatoly Vladimirovich Romashin: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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In addition to his elegant, beautiful appearance, People's Artist of the RSFSR Anatoly Romashin was distinguished by the psychological depth of artistic images created in theater and cinema. Films and performances with his participation delivered the viewer's true interest in unraveling the plot and the brilliant acting of the actor.

Anatoly Romashin
Anatoly Romashin

The origins of the artist's biography

Anatoly Vladimirovich Romashin was born on January 1, 1931 in Leningrad. Parents had nothing to do with art: father worked at a factory, mother was a housewife. Having survived the horrors of the blockade, the mother still managed to take Tolya and his younger brother in the last car along the icy road of Lake Ladoga to the mainland. In his memoirs, Romashin writes what a great impression the war left in his memory. The future actor has forever captured the moment when one of the vehicles of the evacuation convoy went under water.

Education and formation

After graduating from high school, Anatoly Romashin entered a vocational school. After him he was drafted into the ranks of the armed forces. For three years he served in a submarine away from home - in the Far East. He rose to the rank of officer. But the career of a soldier did not appeal to Anatoly. Demobilized, the young man did not go to his hometown. He entered the Moscow Art Theater School, having entered good marks in the fake certificate of maturity bought on the market. On his course, Romashin became a true leader and a big favorite of the opposite sex.

Work and career

The artist began working at the Mossovet Theater in 1959, where he served for a quarter of a century. Having played many leading roles in theatrical productions, he thereby revealed his rich acting potential. He first appeared in cinema while still a student - in 1958 he played the role of a white officer with directors V. Naumov and A. Alov. The debut was successful. Due to external data, they began to invite him more and more often to embody the images of a representative of the intelligentsia. In total, Anatoly Romashin was involved in twelve performances of his native theater, one hundred and six films, in one television performance, took part in scoring seven films. In the late 1980s, he made a film as a director. As a professor, he taught, having released a whole galaxy of now famous actors.


The remarkable artist had several state awards, including a laureate of the USSR state prize and the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR.

Personal life

The first wife of Anatoly Vladimirovich was Galina, a student of an economic university, who gave the actor her eldest daughter Tatyana. After the divorce, Romashin chose his colleague Margarita as his second life partner. The married couple had a daughter, Maria. His third wife was an aspiring actress from Kiev Yulia Ivanova. She gave birth to her husband in 1997, a son, Dmitry, was forty years younger than her husband. The actor's life ended tragically - on August 8, 2000, a tree fell on Anatoly Vladimirovich's summer cottage. He was 69 years old.

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