Alexander Muromsky: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Alexander Muromsky: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Alexander Muromsky: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Alexander Muromsky is an athlete, actor, politician, the only Russian, 8 times included in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition, he is involved in charity work, oversees several sports areas, is a member of several Federal Councils and is engaged in entrepreneurship. How does he manage to be so versatile?

Alexander Muromsky: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Alexander Muromsky: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Alexander Muromsky is an amazing person. He does everything - he goes in for sports, takes an active part in the political life of Russia, assists universities in the development of university sports. And these are not all areas where he is successful. 23 times he became the record holder of the Russian Federation in power sports, his name was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records 8 times.

Biography of Alexander Muromsky

The future athlete, social activist, actor, politician, philanthropist, entrepreneur Alexander Evgenievich Muromsky was born in November (23) 1972, in the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. He graduated from the 11th city gymnasium, from early childhood began to play sports.

After graduating from secondary education, Alexander served 2 years in the ranks of the SA. Even then, he began to receive his first awards. Alexander was the first always and in everything, for whatever they took. He is absolutely sure that the attributes of a real man are not material values, but responsibility, the ability to keep his word and take care of loved ones.


And Alexander always comprehends something new, masters new heights. In his educational "piggy bank" - a diploma of a financier from the Institute of Business and Politics, manager and lawyer of the Non-state Moscow Institute of Management and Law and RANEPA. In addition, he completed courses in broker, strategic marketing and personal growth.

Sports career of Alexander Muromsky

Muromsky's sports career began at the age of 10, when he came to the speed skating section at the base of his native gymnasium. At the age of 16, Alexander became interested in Japanese wrestling and showed excellent results in this direction. But power sports became his real passion. And it was they who brought him tremendous success and world fame, and he got there by accident.


After the army, Muromsky worked as a loader, and as a plasterer, electrician, painter. In 1999, he accidentally found out that volunteers were needed to install the scenery for the American strongman show. What he saw there shocked - the fittings twisted into knots, handsome strong and confident men.

Alexander met the captain of the American team of strongmen, and a month later he created the Patriotic power show "Russian Bogatyrs". He and his associates trained at night, as they had to work during the day to support themselves and their loved ones.

Film career of Alexander Muromsky

As part of the performances of the power show "Russian Bogatyrs", Alexander set 23 Russian-level records and 11 world records. The program of this show includes almost 50 performances of a very different direction - from inflating a heating pad to twisting steel rods. Such abilities simply could not go unnoticed by representatives of the world of cinema.

For the first time in a movie, Alexander starred in 2002, in the film "We Have All Homes", where he played the role of an ordinary resident of a Russian communal apartment, who plays boxing. To date, the filmography of Alexander Muromsky includes such works as

  • "Code of honor",
  • "Moscow. Three stations ",
  • "While the fern is blooming,"
  • "Toptuny",
  • Barsy,
  • "Provocateur" and others.

Even the minor characters of the films, played by Alexander Muromsky, turn out to be bright. Such a man cannot fail to attract the attention of the viewer. His very first film work was highly appreciated by critics. Alexander himself likes the world of cinema, he enjoys filming, but cannot devote much time to this area of ​​activity.

Political career of Alexander Muromsky

In addition to sports and cinema, Muromsky is actively involved in social and political activities. He came into this sphere in 2009, when he became a member of the public councils of the Federal Penitentiary Service and the Federal Drug Control Service. As part of this activity, Alexander and his brainchild “Russian Bogatyrs” are actively involved in philanthropic activities, conducting charitable performances, the income from which goes to children's sports organizations. Pop stars, athletes and politicians of the Russian Federation are happy to support Muromsky in these endeavors.


The main milestones of the political career of Alexander Muromsky:

  • the post of Deputy Trade Union of Security Spheres and Chairman of the Youth Policy Commission of the United Russia party,
  • presidency in the Academy of Champions of the Russian Federation and in the "Super Extreme" Federation,
  • the post of Deputy President of the Russian Olympic Committee for non-Olympic sports,
  • management of the Ministry of Sports of the Oryol region.

Oleksandr uses the opportunities of the politician not for personal purposes. As part of social activities, he provides assistance to sports schools, orphanages and rehabilitation centers, builds and restores temples together with like-minded people.

For his deeds for the benefit of the Russian Federation and the people, Muromsky received several significant awards, including the Medal "For Valorous Labor". In addition, he traveled to Russian military units in Syria, for which he was awarded the Medal "Participant of the military operation in Syria."

Personal life of Alexander Muromsky

Alexander prefers not to talk about personal matters with journalists. It is known that he is not yet married. This even became the reason for inviting him to the talk show "Let's Get Married." But after filming the program with his participation, Alexander said that most of it was produced, he himself was not going to look for a woman who would go with him through life in this way.


According to Alexander himself, he simply does not have time to deal with his personal life, and he does not want to look for a companion on purpose. Muromsky is sure that fate itself will decide when he will be ready for family and children, and it is at this moment that love will come into his life.

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