What A Mystical Thriller To Watch

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What A Mystical Thriller To Watch
What A Mystical Thriller To Watch

Video: What A Mystical Thriller To Watch

Video: What A Mystical Thriller To Watch
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Strong emotions, victory over your own fears, an interesting story, an exciting mystery, the power of the unknown - these are the qualities that induce you to watch thrillers, including mystical ones.

Shot from the film "Red Violin" / "Le Violon Rouge"
Shot from the film "Red Violin" / "Le Violon Rouge"

Victory over yourself, over your own fears, which can be more interesting and more important, especially when you live a routine life, according to a once and for all known schedule.

Films in the genre of mystical thriller are created precisely so that everyone can get a diverse range of emotions missing in everyday life, overcome fears, feed on adrenaline and energy, or even relieve stress. Fortunately, in good thrillers - fairy tales for adults - which can be advised to watch, there is an endless variety of plots, and in the best of them there is also a wonderful unity of scriptwriters, directors and actors.

Higher justice

"Body" ("El Cuerpo", 2012) - no good, let alone bad deed remains without consequences, and the boomerang law will work sooner or later. Those who read Ray Bradbury as children know this. The hero of the film will have to feel the loyalty of this law on himself, looking for the body of his deceased wife. The investigator and the widower, ahead of each other, will penetrate deeper and deeper into the mystery of a crime without evidence. But for one of them, the secret will be revealed too late.

“I firmly believe that the atmosphere of fear in the film should be created exclusively by cinematic methods.” - Alfred Hitchcock.

"Gothic" ("Gothika", 2003) - one morning a woman opened her eyes and turned out to be a patient of the same psychiatric clinic, where yesterday she was receiving patients, working as a psychiatrist. It is impossible to investigate what happened to oneself, being in such dungeons, if not for the help of forces that are stronger than reality. Those who demand revenge and justice.

"Malice" ("El mal ajeno", 2010) is a film about the magical gift of life, transmitted only with the voluntary gift of death. Once such a gift is given to a doctor who, after many years of routine work, has become disillusioned with the profession, with his own destiny. Will this be a curse for him and his loved ones, or is it salvation? Salvation for all who need it.

“People, as a rule, do not realize that at any moment they can throw anything out of their lives,” - Carlos Castaneda.

Conquering time

"Red Violin" ("Le Violon Rouge", 1998) - a film about how the beautiful can kill, if in its origins is not birth, but death. The great violin maker dreamed of creating a masterpiece violin for the birthday of his first child. And he created her. Here are just the last moments of the work, before the birth of the work of art, were overshadowed by the death of both the wife and the child of the master. But the created masterpiece was destined for a long and strange life, influencing the fate of everyone who owned the violin for two centuries.

The Looper (2012) is a time machine invented. As recently as 2044. Only the habit of murder among humanity has not changed by this time. And everything would be fine, but ancient times, at least, were good in that there still not a single person had to voluntarily kill himself, sent from the future to the past, in order to tie a time loop. And never before has not a single person in the world escaped with such passion from a young self-betraying person in order to survive and live to a ripe old age, as the hero of Bruce Willis had to do. Despite the fact that the whole film is pouring streams of blood, the main question that its characters will have to find out is a philosophical one: is it possible to change the future of the whole world, if not to close, but to break the loop with a bullet?

“Death is everywhere. It may look like the headlights of a car driving up the hill behind us. It can remain visible for a while and then reappear on the next hill to disappear again.”- Carlos Castaneda.

"The Witches of Sugarramurdi" ("Las brujas de Zugarramurdi", 2013) - the truth is simple: all women are witches, and all men are goats. Actually, whether this statement is true and the heroes of the film will have to find out - one of the few, made in the genre of not just a mystical thriller, but a comic mystical thriller. Two burning Spanish handsome men decided to rob a pawnshop. One of the unlucky robbers is also a father, who took his young son to work. Fleeing from a police chase, the guys find themselves in a small village, where their lives are suspended by a hair, the women who rule the world. Will they be saved, will they find a way out of the place bewitched and damned for centuries? An unexpected denouement, executed in the spirit of black humor, fills the viewer with hope - everything will be fine. Anyway.

The above names are just a part of a huge stratum of the cinematic world, created in the genre of mystical thriller, united by two always popular and inexhaustible themes.