Van Dien Kasper: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Van Dien Kasper: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Van Dien Kasper: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Van Ding Kasper is an American actor known to the Russian audience for his role as Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers. This man has a rather unusual pedigree and an eventful career.

Van Ding Kasper: biography, career, personal life
Van Ding Kasper: biography, career, personal life


Van Ding was born in December 1968 in Ridgewood, in a clan of hereditary military, which belongs to an ancient family from Holland, who moved to New York at the very beginning of the 20th century and calmly weaved Native Americans into his ancestry. Mark Twain is the actor's great-uncle, but in addition to the famous writer, Casper's ancestors have many big names.

The family lived on a street named after their ancestors - the city of Ridgewood, Van Ding Street. In addition to Kasper, the family had three daughters, and since the father was constantly absent from the service, the mother, a teacher and a sailing instructor, raised the children almost alone. Their training included compulsory sports and high marks in school. Everything in the children's lives was scheduled literally by the minute, and even the marriage of Kasper's sisters took place solely on the orders of the mother.

Casper was a very athletic and attractive young man who was nicknamed "Ken" in school after his Barbie companion doll. And he dreamed of an acting career, but his mother decided otherwise - and after graduation, his mother and children moved to Florida, where the guy entered the Naval Academy. After graduating from it, he entered the university, but never received a higher education, dropped everything and went to Los Angeles to try himself in acting.


At first, the 11th Wang Ding was interrupted by almost odd jobs, appearing on the screen in separate episodes of series and productions. But in 1990 he was lucky and he starred in one of the episodes "Beverly Hills, 90210". He was noticed, but it took a good seven years before Casper got a pretty big job in the film-biography "James Dean: Race with Destiny." After that, the actor's career began to develop much more successfully.

Starship Troopers, a science fiction film based on Heinlein's book, brought Casper worldwide fame, and soon he was filmed by masters of directors. "Sleepy Hollow", where he brilliantly played Van Brunt, followed by the equally loud tape "Tutankhamun: The Curse of the Tomb", where Casper embodied the image of the archaeologist Fremont - all these works brought Kasper recognition, fame and a lot of money.


By 2010, the actor worked a lot in web series, voicing films and radio shows. Today Casper Van Dien does not leave his job. He has more than 80 roles in cinema, and, perhaps, we will see him on the screen more than once in the form of bright and unusual characters.

Personal life

Since 1992, Casper was inseparable from Carrie Mitch, and a year later the girl became the actor's wife, giving birth to his 12th Casper in her husband's family in the same year. In 1996, Carrie gave her famous husband a daughter, and soon the couple, unfortunately, broke up. In 1999, Kasper married a second time, to the daughter of a Yugoslav princess, Katherine Oxenberg, an actress who bore him two more daughters.

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