How To Drink Vodka Correctly

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How To Drink Vodka Correctly
How To Drink Vodka Correctly

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Traditionally in Russia, a rare feast does without this, which has become native to Russian, strong drink - vodka. The reason can be joyful or sad, the company - friendly or unfamiliar, but "she, darling" will be on the table almost always. In order not to spoil the table mood for yourself and those present, to behave beautifully and not to suffer all the next day, there are simple rules for drinking vodka.

How to drink vodka correctly
How to drink vodka correctly

Preparation for taking vodka

It is necessary to prepare not only the body, but also the vodka itself - it needs to be cooled to 8-12 degrees. It is not recommended to cool it harder, because intoxication from a supercooled drink comes faster.

2-3 hours before the start of the feast, you can already drink the first glass - this will start in the body the process of splitting, removing alcohol products and allowing it to prepare for subsequent loads.

Be sure to have a snack. Vodka differs from many other drinks in that it allows the use of a wide range of snacks: meat, fish, smoked meats, pickles, salads, pickled mushrooms, potatoes, etc.

To slow down the absorption of alcohol, it is recommended to cover the walls of the stomach with a greasy film, which will help to create a drunk raw egg, a spoonful of vegetable oil, or any fatty food. Porridge eaten before a feast - buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal - will also help not to get drunk quickly.

If it is assumed that a lot of "Russian drink" will be drunk, the traditional adsorbent - activated carbon - will help to get drunk less. It must be drunk 4-6 tablets before the start of the feast, then - 2 tablets at intervals of 1-2 hours. It absorbs a significant amount of alcohol, relieving the body of overload.

Correct use

It is more correct to drink vodka in small portions - 30-50 gr. Drinking in one gulp or in small sips - already depends on individual preferences. If you want to drink it, it is better to do it with plain water or juice, avoiding carbonated drinks. Because gas bubbles activate the absorption of alcohol.

It is customary for Russian people to take a short break of just a few minutes between the first and second glasses, but after the third it is better to stop for half an hour. Physical activity - dances, games, competitions, will help to avoid excessive intoxication. during physical exertion, the body actively processes alcohol.

It should be avoided when drinking vodka being in the frosty air - this increases the intoxication. Also, do not mix vodka with other alcoholic beverages.

You should not try to "drink like everyone else" - each person has his own norm, which should be stopped. Often, the body itself gives signals when the vodka simply "does not go".

If it was not possible to stop at the right moment, and the next morning you have a headache and a hangover, you should not improve your health with a new portion of alcohol. It is more useful to drink brines, mineral water, broths and fruit juices, which are good at restoring the water-salt balance in a dehydrated body. Strongly brewed tea with the addition of a few tablespoons of honey and squeezed lemon juice helps well against a hangover.

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