Ksenia Syabitova - Daughter Of A Famous TV Presenter: Biography And Personal Life

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Ksenia Syabitova - Daughter Of A Famous TV Presenter: Biography And Personal Life
Ksenia Syabitova - Daughter Of A Famous TV Presenter: Biography And Personal Life

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Ksenia Syabitova
Ksenia Syabitova

Ksenia Mikhailovna Syabitova was born on April 15, 1992 in Moscow. Her mother is the host of a popular TV show, Roza Syabitova. The country's main matchmaker raised Ksenia and her brother alone. The girl's childhood took place in the dashing 90s, during the period of perestroika and a lack of funds. But her mother Rosa did everything so that the children received education and proper upbringing. Therefore, Xenia has grown up as a worthy person.

Life path

Thanks to her responsibility and good mind, Ksenia studied well at school. That is why she received a second degree diploma at the Fair of Ideas, where children demonstrated their design work. From the earliest childhood she was engaged in dancing in the popular ensemble "Kalinka". Many people from which became professional dancers. But at the age of 12, the girl decided that this path was not for her.

After school, Ksenia entered the academy under the President of the Russian Federation as a psychologist. This helped her reveal her talents. Since 2013, the girl began to write a column in the magazine "Women's Secrets". In this creative business, the education of a psychologist came in handy.

Ksenia loves to travel and learn interesting facts about the places she visits. Each time the girl posts a detailed photo report on her Instagram. Popularity came to her when she first appeared on the program "Let's Get Married."

Personal life

Roza Syabitova began to take an active part in her daughter's personal life when she was 19 years old. Ksenia took part in the program "Let's get married" several times. But they could not find a suitable companion. It all happened by chance when she met Andrei Snetkov. The man was slightly older than the girl. He is a lawyer by profession and taught at the university.

The young people met when Rosa was looking for a lawyer. The relationship began with a pleasant pastime. And six months later, Andrei made an offer to his beloved. Rosa was happy for her daughter, so she took over the entire organization of the wedding. The preparation took place at the highest level, under the close scrutiny of the public.

The celebration took place in the Tatar traditions. Ksenia, in the role of the bride, was gentle and charming. The wedding was attended by famous personalities - Alexander Peskov and Larisa Guzeeva. As a gift, Peskov presented the newlyweds with a portrait of Rosa Syabitova, which they promised to hang in their new home.

But family life was short-lived. After 2-3 months, discord began, love passed. Ksenia admitted that family life has become a routine for her. Young people stopped understanding each other. Andrey explained everything by the fact that he was not ready for family life. Therefore, the lovers parted.

Ksenia's mother was upset, as she tried to do everything for their family happiness. But life goes on, after a while the girl returned to an active lifestyle - travel and the search for creative ideas within herself.

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