Svetlana Avtandilovna Zeynalova: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Svetlana Avtandilovna Zeynalova: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Svetlana Avtandilovna Zeynalova: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Svetlana Zeynalova is a well-known TV presenter; before her career in television, she successfully worked in various fields of activity. She worked in the theater, was the organizer and host of events.

Svetlana Zeynalova
Svetlana Zeynalova


Svetlana Zeynalova was born in Moscow in 1977, in the family of a prominent official. Sveta has an older sister, Irada. The father is Azerbaijani by nationality, he raised the children in severity.

Since childhood, Sveta wanted to be an actress. She attended an amateur art circle, a theater studio, and participated in school performances. After graduating from school, Sveta decided to first get the profession of a psychologist. In 1997. she graduated from the Pedagogical University (Faculty of Psychology), then entered the Shchepkin Theater School.


After graduation, Zeynalova was hired at the Nikitsky Gate Theater. She was given small roles. Due to her modest earnings in the theater, the actress had to earn money as a waitress. A few years later, she also became involved in organizing holidays, where she was the host.

Svetlana was very tired of such a schedule and decided that she needed changes in her life. She turned for help to her sister Irada, who was already a well-known journalist. She arranged for Svetlana to meet with famous producers on TV.

After some time, Zeynalova was invited to the radio "Maximum" as one of the presenters of the morning program. It happened in 2004. Very soon, her voice fell in love with the audience. Then she also started working as a producer of a show program, then moved to Radio Business FM and began to lead the "Secular News" column.

In 2010. Zeynalova was invited to work at Our Radio, where she hosted her own show. Svetlana herself at one time did not want to agree to conduct morning programs, but for some reason she was only invited to lead them.

Working in radio helped build a career in television. Zeynalova made her debut on the TVC channel with the program "Mood", which became very successful. Svetlana was noticed by the leadership of Channel One, she was offered to host the show "Good Morning". Later she became the host of the Good Day program.

S.Zeynalova is also the organizer and presenter of the holidays, often collaborates with the residents of the Comedy Club. She also takes part in the filming of films, playing cameo roles.

Personal life

In the mid-2000s, Svetlana Zeynalova met with A. Glazatov, the director of Radio Maximum. He helped her build a career in radio. The couple lived in a civil marriage for 3 years, then they got married. This happened in 2008. In 2009, Alexandra's daughter was born. In 2012, the marriage was dissolved.

The daughter of Svetlana Zeynalova is sick with autism, the diagnosis was made when the girl was 1, 5 years old. It was very difficult for Svetlana to raise a sick child, she had to earn money on her own to treat her daughter. In 2015. Zeynalova took part in the broadcast "Alone with everyone" and said that she stopped feeling unhappy. She met a new man who managed to build a relationship with her daughter.

In 2016, the creators of the program "While everyone is at home" visited Zeynalova's house. The audience saw Svetlana's parents, who became real helpers in raising the girl. She talked a lot about her life, shared her experience of raising her daughter. In May 2018, Zeynalova had a second daughter, who was named Veronica. The father was the chosen one of Svetlana named Dmitry.

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