How To Choose A Good Book

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How To Choose A Good Book
How To Choose A Good Book

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It often happens that choosing a good book is a whole problem. If you buy at random, there is a great risk of stumbling upon low-quality pulp fiction, remarkable only for beautiful advertising. Therefore, it is imperative to determine for yourself a plan according to which you can easily find a book that you will reread more than once.

How to choose a good book
How to choose a good book


Step 1

Try to decide what exactly you want to read. Imagine the time in which you would like to be, think about your preferred genre, about the storyline. After you have decided on an approximate criterion, enter a few queries in Internet search engines.

Step 2

Use referral sites such as, or All of these sites contain reviews and recommendations from readers. Perhaps choosing other people will help you decide faster. It would be useful to go to the sites of online stores and see the readers' ratings.

Step 3

Ask your friends and relatives. Perhaps they will tell you some interesting novelties. Check out their home book libraries. It is likely that there are some fascinating pieces to be found there.

Step 4

Go to a bookstore. Listen to the recommendations of the sellers. Combined with what you've learned from internet users and friends, you have a great opportunity to choose a few good books. Read the reviews, skim the first few pages. Often, interesting works are fascinating from the very beginning. Check out the novelties of those writers whom you usually prefer.

Step 5

They say that you can't choose a book by cover. However, appearance also has some importance. If the work really interests you, then most likely you will read it repeatedly. Therefore, it is worth taking care that even after several readings the book remains in good condition. If the store has options in paperback and hardcover, then do not skimp and give preference to the latter. Look also at the quality of the paper. But keep in mind that this is the smallest criterion in finding a good book. Content should be preferred over appearance.

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