How To Choose A Patron Saint

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How To Choose A Patron Saint
How To Choose A Patron Saint

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Each baptized person has a patron - a saint who is an intercessor, a prayer book before God. His choice is not accidental and may depend on the date of birth of the person, the name given to him by his parents, and even on the profession. Thus, a Christian may even have several heavenly patrons.

How to choose a patron saint
How to choose a patron saint


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Previously, the newborn received his name, corresponding to the name of the heavenly patron, in the church. It was given on the eighth day after birth in accordance with the church calendar. On the fortieth day, the baptismal ceremony took place. Today the naming ceremony takes place on the day of baptism. If the parents adhered to the calendar when choosing a name, then that saint, his namesake, whose birthday coincides with the baby's birthday, will become his heavenly patron.

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According to the righteous of the Church, you can also choose a name by the date of birth of the child, the date of his baptism, in the interval between them and in three days after baptism. The saints say on this occasion that, like the date of birth, the name of the baby is in the hands of God and his heavenly patron is given to him by God.

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If the name is not chosen according to the calendar, or an adult is already baptized, then his patrons will be the saint in whose honor he is named (closest to his birthday or most revered) and the one on whose day he was baptized.

Step 4

A saint traditionally revered in a given family can also become a patron saint. This is due to the fact that church people, whose faith is really strong, make personal prayer contact with one or another saint. Usually, in such a family there are already several generations in which children were given this name. It is believed that a baby who received his name not only according to church custom, but also by faith and love for a certain saint, thereby receives his special protection.

Step 5

The patron saint can be chosen quite deliberately according to the acquired profession. He is determined by his actions, which coincide with the activities that characterize a particular specialty. So, Nicholas the Wonderworker is considered the patron saint of sailors, the holy great martyr Barbara - miners and all workers in the mining industry.

Step 6

The patronage of local saints is very effective. If a canonized saint who heals people lived nearby in your area, and you are a doctor by profession, then choose him as your patron saint.

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