How To Choose A Place Of Residence

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How To Choose A Place Of Residence
How To Choose A Place Of Residence

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If earlier in our country there was practically no opportunity to choose a place of residence according to their taste and preferences, and people were forced to move in where they were provided with an apartment, now you can afford to buy housing that will become the most comfortable. Astrologers advise you to choose a place of residence according to your zodiac sign.

How to choose a place of residence
How to choose a place of residence


Step 1

Choose the busiest area if you are an Aries. You will be comfortable among a large number of industrial enterprises, highways, shopping centers. Focus on houses near which there are sports facilities.

Step 2

Look for an area with mansions or low-rise buildings if you are a Taurus. It is desirable that there are many grocery stores nearby.

Step 3

Check in in areas with wide avenues and important transport routes if you were born under the sign of Gemini. Look out for nearby entertainment venues, cinemas and libraries.

Step 4

Go back to your childhood home, Cancer. Only there you can feel comfortable. You can also live on an old street with low-rise buildings.

Step 5

Live in the most prestigious area if you are a Leo. It is very important for you to be the best at everything. Pay attention to the convenience of housing and proximity to the place of work. For you, Virgo? this is important.

Step 6

If you are a Libra, choose a comfortable, well-groomed area for living. Be sure to pay attention to the amount of greenery and the presence of cultural institutions.

Step 7

Live in old areas that are not subject to reconstruction and where there are no industrial enterprises, Scorpios, as ecology is not empty words for you. It is desirable that there is a reservoir next to the house. If you're a Sagittarius, look for accommodation in modern, upmarket neighborhoods with plenty of space and light. It's good if there is a church nearby.

Step 8

Find quality housing in the administrative center, Capricorns. In such a place you will feel most comfortable.

Step 9

Look for housing in areas with new high-rise buildings and wide streets if you are an Aquarius.

Step 10

Check in in a quiet area filled with shady parks and ponds, Pisces. These are heavenly places for you.

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