Tilda Swinton: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Tilda Swinton: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Tilda Swinton: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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Tilda Swinton is an actress with a very extraordinary appearance. She never considered herself a beauty. However, this fact once again proves that she is clearly not being filmed in films in order to please all the men of the world.

Catherine Matilda Swinton of Kimmerheim (born November 5, 1960)
Catherine Matilda Swinton of Kimmerheim (born November 5, 1960)

Childhood and rebellious character

Catherine Matilda Swinton of Kimmerheim (but everyone knows her as Tilda Swinton) was born on November 5, 1960 in the capital of Great Britain. Tilda was lucky to be born into the family of a lord, a representative of the oldest Swinton family (that's why the girl got such a long name). The mother of the family was Australian in origin. The girl spent a small part of her childhood with her family in Germany, since her father did military service there. By the way, the girl was not the only child in the family. She has 3 brothers, whom her father treated with special severity, because, being a military man, he demanded from them the same meekness and discipline that he himself possessed. But such an attitude towards sons did not mean the presence of concessions in the upbringing of an only daughter. Young Tilda was very attracted to art and everything connected with it, however, her parents did not take such liberty in her behavior.

Thus, when the girl was 10 years old, she was sent to study in a closed boarding school, so that there she learned the manners of a real aristocrat. By the way, one of Tilda's classmates was none other than the future princess Diana (whose age, unfortunately, was short-lived). In this school, a number of strict rules were in force, which all of its students were forced to obey. Young Swinton was a diligent student with an interest in theater and choir. However, she did not like the overly strict internal routine. According to her confessions, at that time she was very offended by her parents for sending her to receive such a specific education.

Despite frequent violations of school rules of conduct, Tilda graduated from this educational institution.

After that, she left for Edinburgh, where she became a student at the very prestigious Fetts College. After becoming a college graduate, she devotes 2 years of her life to work in the schools of the South African Republic.

Then she became an adherent of left-wing political ideas, and in 1979, Tilda Swinton, to the surprise of many of her entourage, became a member of the British Communist Party.

Changing course

Upon her return from sultry Africa, she decides to go to college at the University of Cambridge. Her choice fell on the humanities. In particular, the girl enthusiastically studied literature, sociology and, of course, political science. True, the love for the left-wing political movement soon faded away, and Tilda decided to devote herself to the theater.

Finding yourself

After studying for three years in college and having time to play in a local theater, young Swinton without any hesitation leaves for Stratford, where she becomes part of the Royal Shakespeare Theater. However, the famous theater did not bring much fame or pleasure to the aspiring actress. During the time she spent there, she played only cameo roles.

Then Tilda again went to Edinburgh, where she played in the local theater.

Long-awaited success

Filmmakers noticed the extraordinary and versatile Swinton, and in 1986 the actress made her debut in the film "Zastrozzi", which was broadcast only on TV screens. The very first appearance on the big screens took place a little later in the motion picture with the non-trivial title "Egomania: an island without hope."

As is often the case in an acting career, the secondary roles were gradually replaced by the main ones. The leading role in the film "Orlando", which was released back in 1992, brought Tilda's enduring popularity.

In 1995, the girl finally leaves the stage and focuses only on filming a movie.

She received her first award in her acting career back in 1991 at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. The award was given to her for her role in the film "Edward II". After that, she became the owner of many more film awards, however, she received the most important one in 2008. An Oscar statuette went to Swinton for her role in Michael Clayton.

You can watch Swinton's acting in such films as "Suspiria", "Okja", "The Man from London" and many others.

Tilda Swinton's filmography includes over 70 films. This is participation as an actress, film producer, and screenwriter. In addition, the famous actress has a dozen roles in various television projects. And now millions of fans are interested in how she lives and are carefully studying her biography.

Personal life

Fate brought young and aspiring actress Tilda Swinton and John Byrne together at the Edinburgh Theater in 1985. At that time she was only 25 years old, while he was 45. The huge age difference did not bother the lovers at all, and in 1989 they officially became husband and wife. Tilda gave birth to her husband two children - a son and a daughter.

Despite this, the couple, today, has a very strange and free relationship. It is known that each of the spouses has an object of sympathy on the side. Moreover, they do not hide it from each other. For more than 14 years, Swinton has been dating Sandro Kopp, who is at least 20 years younger than her.

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