How To Get Greek Citizenship

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How To Get Greek Citizenship
How To Get Greek Citizenship

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The possibility of obtaining Greek citizenship is regulated by a special law no. 3284, issued in 2004. According to its provisions, you can become a citizen of Greece by birth from citizens of the country, as a result of adoption or recognition of paternity by a citizen of Greece, through naturalization or joining the Armed Forces (the latter is only for ethnic Greeks).

How to get Greek citizenship
How to get Greek citizenship


Step 1

To apply for Greek citizenship, a foreigner must have lived in the country with a residence permit for at least ten years. This period can be shortened due to special circumstances: for example, for athletes involved in Olympic sports and playing for Greece, it can be only 5 years.

Step 2

However, in addition to the required period, some other conditions must be met. Firstly, at the time of filing the application, the foreigner must be at least 18 years old. In addition, you must have no convictions with a term of imprisonment and for grave crimes (10 years before filing an application). There must also be no deportation decision.

Step 3

By the way, the application for naturalization itself with all the necessary documents must be submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs at the mayor's office located at the place of residence. First, the documents will be checked and sent to the authorized department of the district, then they will be checked by the local police (whether the applicant complied with the rules of order and security), and only after that they will be considered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Step 4

As soon as the case has been reviewed by the authorized department, the applicant will be invited to the naturalization committee for an interview. There will be tested knowledge of the Greek language, knowledge of the history and culture of the country, as well as personal qualities.

Step 5

The decision on granting citizenship will be made by the Minister of Internal Affairs, after which his decision will be published in the Government Gazette. After that, within a year, the citizen must take the oath (and in the presence of the general secretary of the district).

Step 6

A child of a Greek citizen will receive his citizenship upon birth, without any additional conditions. Children born out of wedlock also become Greek citizens if their mother is Greek. If only the father had citizenship, then such paternity would need to be proved. And the child will become a citizen of the country only when an application is submitted for him. At the same time, there is a condition that the child must not reach the age of 18. Otherwise, he will be able to obtain citizenship only through naturalization.

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